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Our IT Support Process

Anyone can fix a computer.
Our goal is to prevent technology issues from coming up in the first place.

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Plan for Your IT Success: The First 45 Days

Here's the general timeline you can expect when you become a client

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Immediately: Team Assignment and Onboarding Begins

As soon as you become a client, you'll be assigned a team of resources.

Client Success Manager (CSM)

Technology Architect

Technology Advisor

Primary Engineer

Each person or team is responsible for a different portion of your IT support plan. This assures all your IT bases are covered.

Onboarding will begin on or before the first day of your agreement. This will include documenting your existing technology, configuring our monitoring systems, and troubleshooting current issues.

Week 1: Team Introductions

We'll schedule an introduction meeting at your convenience to go over the best ways to contact the Support Desk and help you get acquainted with your dedicated team.

You'll go over procedures, and together we'll begin to build your technology plan going forward.

We'll start gathering information on your critical issues and formulating resolution plans.

Security audit reports are generated and reviewed.

Your Primary Engineer will give you regular updates on the onboarding process, and may reach out for additional information we need to support your technology environment.

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Week 2 - Week 3: Technology Planning, Network Documentation, & Onsite Visits Continue

The onboarding process continues.

Relevant key employee and vendor contact information is gathered.

If you have branch or remote offices, we will begin documenting the details. Depending on how many sites you have, this can take several weeks.

We'll get together for a whiteboard meeting to talk through current findings and options for moving forward.

Long term technology plans are discussed and client reports are generated for review.

Week 4: Network Assessment Findings Delivery

We'll schedule a meeting to share our network assessment findings and recommendations with you. Some circumstances may require action prior to this meeting.

We'll also have your Technology Summary ready and we'll determine a recurring time for your ongoing IT Business Review meetings.

The IT Results Cycle begins.

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    When Accent came into the initial assessment, they let us know where we were relative to the current environment and where we were behind. They put plans together to get us up-to-date with where we should be, and they've done a tremendous job.

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    Aaron Bomar
    Mars Air

Ongoing IT Success

The IT Results Cycle

The best IT experience comes with consistent communication, accountability, and transparency.

That's why we use the IT Results Cycle.

The IT Results Cycle requires a continuous, consistent review of your environment to identify potential challenges and bottlenecks.

  • We huddle regularly (weekly or monthly) to identify potential challenges and bottlenecks.
  • Potential challenges are prioritized and assigned to responsible resources. 
  • We work closely with your team to determine the business priorities and options to move forward. 
  • Once the strategy is confirmed, resources are assigned to complete the selected strategy.
  • To complete the cycle, we report the results to your team to ensure successful implementation.

Weekly or monthly accountability communications will be critical to the success of your IT management. 


Day-to-Day Support

Daily: Need technical support? You and your team can start using our Support Desk as soon as your agreement begins.

You can reach them by calling (800) 481-4369 Option 1.

If your problem cannot be resolved remotely, someone will be sent onsite.

Have a question? Contact your Client Success Manager (CSM) any time.

Monthly: Your Primary Engineer will meet with you regularly to monitor network performance, implement best practices, and identify areas to improve efficiency.

Quarterly: You'll meet with your Technology Advisor quarterly to build and update your technology plan. More frequent communications and huddles may be scheduled as needed if your organization has a lot of moving parts.

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