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Business Phone Systems

Improve Your Business with Communication and Collaboration

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Is Your Office Phone as Smart as Your Cell Phone?

We love our smartphones, don’t we? When it comes to our office phones, however, it can feel like we’re taking a step back to the dark ages.

Business phones have come a long way. Your office phone can be just as smart as your personal cell when you upgrade to a modern phone system that uses VoIP technology.  

A phone system isn’t just a tool for communication. Today’s unified communications provide the means for collaborating with customers, colleagues and suppliers. They help us to respond quickly; they conveniently integrate with our other software applications; and they allow us to be accessible whether we’re working in or out of the office. 

What is VoIP? 

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) simply means that voice communication signals are traveling through a digital network that is either internal, or travels through the internet. 

Is It the Right Time to Upgrade Your Phone System?

Old phone systems were very reliable and had a long life span. Unfortunately, many legacy systems are now turning into money pits, requiring frequent maintenance and repairs.

Other signs that you need to start looking at your phone communication options could simply be that your system can’t grow with your business or you can’t get the features you want that will make your staff more efficient and accessible. 

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Phone System Consulting and Support from Accent

The first step in figuring out what phone system is right for you is a discussion with a Technology Advisor.

You'll talk about the business needs, and any specific requirements, or special features that you want.

We’ll ask lots of questions to make sure that the options we suggest will not only meet your functional objectives, but will integrate into your IT environment.  

Once the right system for your needs has been chosen, we'll follow our details project planning and implementation process to make sure it's a smooth transition. 

How Accent Delivers IT Services

Phone systems are a small piece of a larger technology picture.

We help companies manage the whole IT function of their business by becoming the IT department, or by assisting an internal IT team.

Each Accent client gets a designated support team, giving you access to a fully staffed IT department that covers all areas of technology.

To do this yourself, you'd need many different people with very different talents and skills to:

  • Manage your infrastructure
  • Plan and budget for the future
  • Resolve issues and take care of routine tasks
  • Enhance the way your business uses technology

Our services give clients all the resources they need for each discipline within the IT framework. Teams meet weekly to review client status and progress, and they own client success.

This gives you fast response when you need help right now and continuous improvement of the IT function in your business.

Instead of a necessary evil, technology becomes a competitive advantage.

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Need a Phone System Upgrade? Let's Talk

For an evaluation of your business and a recommendation for a phone system that coincides with your business needs, give us a call or schedule a free consultation.

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