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Network Design and Technology Implementation

Leverage new innovations to improve efficiency

Successful IT Projects on Time and Within Budget

If you've ever undergone a poorly planned IT project, then you know how bad management can end in disruption and extra costs. Network design and new technology implementation is a huge task for small businesses.

When undertaken with detailed planning and business goals in mind, executives and managers can be confident that every nuance of the project is anticipated and that they are making the right technology investment decisions.

What is Network Design?

Network design is the process of planning out the hardware and software components of a network with the goal of having them operate as a cohesive unit that meets the needs of the organization.

What is Technology Implementation?

Technology Implementation is the process of integrating new software or hardware into an existing IT infrastructure.


What's Involved in New Technology Implementation?

Integrating new technology into an existing IT infrastructure requires some careful planning, a thorough evaluation of the existing platforms and toolsets, and a strategy. There are generally five phases in a successful new technology implementation:

  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Design Plan and Strategy
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Training
  • Evaluation and Ongoing-Support

A failed implementation plan can cost the company in so many ways: time and resources, equipment, staffing, and computer components, to name a few.

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What Can I Expect?

With the right information about your business audience, products, and services, new technology implementation is a whole lot easier.

Taking time to carefully assess your companies IT environment and designing a strategy for success ensures you're happy with the results.

Your current network, communications systems, hardware and software, staff requirements, and customer needs are just a few of the areas for consideration when we plan a new technology implementation for your business. It takes a team of experts who are immersed in technology to do this right.

How Accent Delivers IT Services

Each Accent client has a designated support team that works collaboratively to deliver all of the services that are needed for a fully staffed IT department.

If you were going to do this yourself, you would need many different people with very different talents and skills to:

  1. Manage your infrastructure.
  2. Strategize, plan and budget for the future. 
  3. Resolve issues and take care of routine tasks.
  4. Enhance the way your business uses technology.

Our services are structured so clients have all the resources they need for each discipline within the framework. Teams meet weekly to review client status and progress, and they own client success. The result is fast response when you need help right now and continuous improvement of the IT function in your business.

Instead of a necessary evil, technology becomes a competitive advantage.

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We’re happy to share our expertise with you, whether or not you decide to work with us or not.

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What You Need to Know About Technology Implementation 👇

How Do You Know When it’s Time to Upgrade Your Technology?

It would be great to have a crystal ball to predict exactly how long your hardware and software will continue to operate with optimum performance. Since that’s not possible, it’s best to develop a refresh schedule that incrementally moves all of your technology to the next level on a regular basis. Planning out your technology updates also allows you to budget your investments. Sometimes the timing has to be adjusted, but moving up the timetable is less of a surprise than not having the upgrade on your radar at all.

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Downtime and Disruption for Those Who Wait

We know how important it is to get the most out of your IT investments. It’s tempting to hold off as long as possible. Unfortunately, too many business owners and managers wait until they have a major crash to decide to replace aging equipment and applications. The result is downtime and disruption.

Waiting for email to crash could leave you out of touch with customers for days. If you wait for a data breach to find out that your data backup isn’t sufficient, you may have to re-create all of the transactions that occurred over a period of days or even weeks. When you wait for a failure to happen before you upgrade your server, it could mean lost revenue and idle employees while you scramble to get up and running again.

We want to find that delicate balance between getting the most out of your existing equipment, while making sure it can be seamlessly upgraded without disruption.

Common IT Projects for Small Businesses

Server and Workstation Upgrades
Hardware and operating systems
Network Upgrades
Switches, firewalls, access points, remote access, domain upgrades, terminal servers, and cabling
Cloud Migrations and Support
Cloud servers, cloud services, cloud support
Email Migrations
Office 365, hosted exchange, on-premise exchange
Phone Systems
Design, implementation, configuration, and support for major brands including Microsoft Teams, ShoreTel and Mitel
Office Relocation and Setup
Office moves, new office setup, branch office integration
Structured Voice and Data Cabling
Licensed Cat5e, Cat6, and fiber cabling services
Application Migrations
Configuration, migration, implementation and support services
Wireless Systems and Connectivity Services
From office and warehouse wireless to multi-site connectivity solutions
Compliance and Security Network Assessments
Network security, risk, and compliance assessments

Strategic Planning for Predictable IT Costs

Planning and process are the keys to a positive IT project experience. They are also the basis for getting a better overall experience with IT. If you are continually frustrated and slowed down by your technology, and you’re hit with surprise IT expenditures, then it’s time that you became more strategic with IT. That might mean that you have to bring in more expertise than you currently have with your internal IT team, or small outsourced IT support company.

IT Support and Consulting for Better Business Results

Working with a managed IT services provider like Accent, gives you access to the IT guidance that will help you to lay out a technology roadmap for the future so that you can plan and budget for IT improvements and find ways to implement new technology to meet business objectives. Contact us to start a conversation.