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Penetration Testing

To Stop a Hacker, You Have to Think Like a Hacker

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Are You As Secure As You Think You Are?

Chances are, technology is critical to your business operations. I'm sure you and your IT team spent a great deal of time and care making sure that everything was set up exactly as you want it. However, even though everything may look crisp and secure, that does not mean it is safe from security threats.

There may be critical security weaknesses in your network that you have not known existed. If your network has vulnerabilities, you want to know how attackers could exploit them so you can protect yourself from potential future attacks. The best way to understand your weaknesses is through penetration testing.

What Is a Penetration Test?

Penetration testing (also known as a pen test) simulates a real-life attack on your devices, networks, webpages, applications, tools, or your employees to determine the level of security of your infrastructure and vital systems. It highlights your system's shortcomings and provides insight on how to strengthen them to prevent a future attack.

Conducting a pen test for your network is necessary to:

  • Identify any gaps between security tools.
  • Prioritize which potential security pose the greatest threat
  • Discover any misconfigurations or "backdoors."
  • Know all of your potential attack points
  • Gain insight on your cybersecurity efforts and their ROI
  • Respond to a real-life attack quickly and effectively
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Why Penetration Testing Is Important

The best way to stop a hacker is to think like a hacker. You need someone who knows entry attacks, security hacking, endpoint protection bypass methods, security systems bypass methods, RFID cloning, among other techniques, so you know which areas of your networks are susceptible to these attacks. Penetration testing is less about automated testing and more about using human cunning with the latest cyber strategies to simulate a real-life attack. A pen test gives insight on real-world risk and how to protect yourself from exploitation.

To conduct a manual pen test requires a highly skilled team of cybersecurity specialists that could remotely manipulate your information and enter your systems. It may seem unnerving allowing individuals to actively hack into your system. However, this is the best way to get confident answers about your security and protection. Some of the foremost concerns that you may have about your system include:

  • Can attackers break into my network?
  • Are my security tools working correctly?
  • How much risk are we exposed to?
  • Are we protected from the latest cybercriminal attacks?
  • How do we convince customers our product or service is safe and secure?
  • If a cyber attack is detected, how would our security team react to the situation?
  • Do we make assumptions about our security capabilities that are not necessarily true to our end users or adversaries?

Penetration Test Steps

Conducting a pen test requires more than just a simple assessment. To do the most robust testing and get the best most insightful results requires a thorough and customized approach to your business network's unique configurations. A rigorous six-step testing process is necessary to do it right.

Our six-step process includes:



This is the discovery phase of the test used to gather information about your network and other available systems and how they are connected.


Weakness Assessment

We then conduct a comprehensive assessment that identifies outdated software, misconfigured systems, as well as any other weaknesses that could otherwise compromise your system or network.



Your weaknesses and tested by our team of specialists to see if we could exploit these areas to achieve unauthorized access, move throughout the network, or extract sensitive data.


Risk Evaluation

We then access each verified weakness to determine the likelihood of an attack and the anticipated impact it would have on your company.


Reporting and Recommendations

Next, we create an executive summary of the findings in your database, document your network's security threats, and provide supporting evidence to drive both the tactical and strategic decision-making process.



Our final report provides recommended solutions to your company, the IT department, and stakeholders in the form of a remediation report as a plan of action for your company's unique risks.

What to Expect From A Penetration Test

The best thing to hope for from a pen test is a list of problems and how to fix them. After the test, you should have detailed proof of concept for each security finding. Likewise, you need to develop an actionable remediation plan for the issues. Luckily for you, our team of experts can provide your company with the steps necessary to protect your network from security risks in the future.

Another quintessential point to consider is educating your employees about your pen test results. It is just as easy for an employee to be a point of compromise than a hacker gaining access to your network remotely through a weak point, so you want to be testing your employees with up to date security practices. Likewise, we recommend getting regulatory compliance testing at least once a year. Comprising cybersecurity threats and tactics are constantly evolving, with cybercriminals becoming more cunning and creative. That is you want an ethical hacker on your side testing for any causes of concern.

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How Ethical Hackers Can Help Strengthen Your Security Defenses

Now it may be easy to believe that all hackers are cybercriminals. However, that's not the case.

Ethical hackers can help businesses find their weak points and secure them to protect against future threats.

At Accent, our dedicated team of IT security specialists have the knowledge and expertise to conduct a compressive pen test for your business. We perform a thorough assessment of your company's unique network and provide actionable remediation methods for you to use going forward.  

No network is perfect. However, our dedicated team can ensure yours is safe from even the craftiest hackers. Our company wholeheartedly believes in providing the best and latest cybersecurity safety measures to protect businesses.

If cybersecurity is an area of concern, or you'd like to learn more about Accent Computer Solutions and the services we provide, feel free to contact us to schedule a penetration test.

We also provide free IT consultation so you can know exactly how we can address any security issues that may be present.

Want to Know Where Your Weaknesses Are?

Let's make sure you're protected. Contact us to learn more about penetration testing and how it fits into your cyber security strategy.

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