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Managed Cyber Security Services & Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Attain & Maintain Compliance With Ongoing Cyber Security Management

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Cyber Security Services and Consulting for Regulatory Compliance

Increased security requirements are coming down the supply chain. Is your IT team's cyber security knowledge ready to to handle these new requirements?

Translating cyber security regulations into actionable practices can be confusing and not getting it right could result in penalties and lost business, as well as increased risk for a data breach.

At Accent, we’re experienced at interpreting the complexities of industry regulations into processes and procedures that not only meet requirements but can actually improve operations.

We're familiar with many industry regulations and frameworks, such as CMMC, NIST, HIPAA, ITAR, HITECH, PCI-DSS, GDPR, and SOX, to name a few.

Cyber Security is a Process ⁠— Not a Project

Because the cyber threat landscape is always changing, protecting your data and systems from hackers is an ongoing daily process of management, maintenance and continuous improvement.

Our process includes the use of technical tools to create a secure IT network, but your cyber security plan wouldn’t be complete without an appropriate data backup and disaster recovery system, as well as internal policies and procedures to guide employee behaviors.

Cyber Risk is Business Risk

Managing cyber risk is necessary for managing overall business risk. Your data and IT systems have value and the risk of cyber attack increases every day. The fallout from a data breach can be devastating, resulting in downtime, unexpected costs and a damaged reputation.

Business leaders who want to lessen the risk of a data breach disrupting their business operations are increasing their investments in prevention.

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Three Service Tiers for the Custom Cyber Security Protection You Need

We offer three tiers of cyber security services to meet the needs of different situations and risk sensitivities.

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Foundational security and data protection services included with Accent managed IT services agreements.

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Protect + Advise

Foundational security program, plus sophisticated network visibility and ongoing recommendations for remediation.

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Protect + Advise + Remediate

Advanced program, plus vCISO consulting and remediation needed to respond to the changing threat environment.

Add it to Your Managed IT Services Agreement, or Use Standalone Security Services

With All-Inclusive or Co-Managed IT Services: Basic cyber security services and consulting are delivered as a part of our overall managed IT services program. Client needs determine which tier of services is most appropriate.

Standalone Cyber Security Services: Supplement your internal or outsourced IT department with robust security delivered through Advanced or Extreme tiers of service.

Standalone cyber security services are for you if:
  • Your IT team doesn't have the cyber security expertise you need.
  • You need an experienced team to guide you through regulatory compliance.
  • You need your cyber security practices to match up with insurance requirements.
Accent's Cyber Security Services are available to companies nationwide.
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How Accent Delivers Ongoing Cyber Security Services

Businesses need a proactive and holistic approach to cyber security. That's why all of our cyber security services plans include layers of cyber defenses that thwart threats, address the role of human behavior in maintaining security, and help organizations gain the resilience they might need to bounce back after a data loss incident.

A layered security approach to protect you from all angles:

Desktop, server, & cloud security

Security policy reviews

Reliable backups

Physical IT equipment security

Firewalls & web filters

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

Anti-virus & anti-malware software

Intrusion prevention

Multi-factor authentication

Proprietary ransomware blocking software

Security awareness training

System lockout policies

Patch management

Regulation compliance assistance

Endpoint detection & response (EDR)

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Internal & external vulnerability scanning

And many more protections to keep your systems compliant and secure.

Stop Wondering if You're Secure


Isn’t it time to stop wondering if you have gaps in your security?

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