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IT Staff Augmentation

Get Onsite IT Staff Without the Management Burden

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Augment Managed IT Services with Onsite IT Staff

There are different reasons why you might want to have internal IT staff in addition to managed IT services from Accent.

Companies have increasing IT support needs, especially when you’re adding new employees or have a lot of projects in motion.

You might be facing a situation where your long-time IT guy is retiring or leaving the company. Maybe you just think that your internal IT staff needs some help.

Whatever the reason, we can provide you with an internal IT staff person without increasing your management burden.

100% Available to You -- But on Our Payroll

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Identify Needs

We pinpoint the specific onsite IT capabilities you need and reach into our pipeline to identify possible candidates.

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Interview Process

We collaborate with you in the interview and hiring process to determine suitability and culture fit.

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Internal IT Accessibility

You get internal IT staff 100% dedicated to your business while Accent retains responsibility for employee management.

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Internal Staff Know Your People and Processes

While part of our IT management process is to get to know your business and processes so that we can work with you to create and implement IT strategy, we’re not at your location every day.

When you have a highly qualified internal IT staff person in your office, you get a resource who is:

  • Available to answer technology questions at daily and impromptu meetings.
  • An onsite support resource to call on for problem situations.
  • Expert on the inner workings of your business and how you use technology.

You Don’t Need Another Employee to Manage

Your internal IT staff person will be on our payroll, not yours. We’ll take care of everything HR related and make sure that your new staff person has all the training he or she needs.

Your new in-house staff will be a part of the Accent team while they are also a part of yours. We’ll be in daily communication, so you won’t have to worry about day to day management.

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