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What Is An IT Health Check? (And Do I Need One?)

An IT health check gives you a transparent look at the inner workings of the IT function of your business. It'll help you cut through the confusion so you can see what's REALLY going on.

  • Things seem to take too long to get done? We'll see where there might be roadblocks.
  • Feel like you're making a BIG investment in IT, but not seeing ROI? Let's see where the issue might be.
  • Nagging issues? We'll look into them.
  • Not sure if your network is secure? We'll see if there are any holes.
  • Want to make sure your data is actually getting backed up? We'll check that for you.
  • Ever wonder what you're NOT getting from your current IT? We'll let you know if it's the best it can be or what could be improved.
  • Curious how your employees feel about the technology in your business? We'll find out.
  • Think you might be missing out on some efficiencies? Let's see if we can uncover them.
  • Not sure if your system is set up correctly? We'll take a look under the hood.

So, Do You Need One?

If these any of these resonate with you, it may be time for an IT health check to truly evaluate the state of your IT. With a professional assessment of your IT infrastructure, you can take the steps necessary to avoid potential problems down the road and reduce the odds of downtime and lost productivity.

You'll be presented with network documentation, a report with our findings, and actionable recommendations for how your IT results could be improved.

How Does An IT Health Check Help?

An IT health check is a one-time service that we provide for non-clients. It’s our way of giving you an inside look at what’s going on within your organization. 

We find roadblocks, show vulnerabilities, and learn exactly what’s going on in within your IT organization. You'll leave with actionable recommendations and insights you can use whether or not you decide to work with us in the future.

We believe in identifying risks early and putting a plan in place to make sure you get the best results possible from your technology. The only way to do this is to ensure IT best practices and processes are consistently followed for proper IT function, usage, and stability.

We’re happy to share our expertise with you, whether or not you decide to work with us or not.

Request your FREE IT Health Check today!