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Cyber Security & IT Network Security

Keep your data out of the wrong hands

What Is IT Security, Really?

Cybersecurity and IT Security are really hot topics these days, especially with major brands and credit card companies announcing breaches left and right.

The IT landscape has changed dramatically and the network security measures from even 5 years ago are not enough.

IT security is NOT just anti-virus. It’s NOT just a web filter. It’s NOT just a firewall.

IT security isn’t even really about technology devices – yes, they are necessary to accomplish the goal – but IT security is more about the systems and processes your IT team does on a DAILY basis to protect the information.

How Do I Lock Down My Network Like Fort Knox?

Here’s the thing about IT security: we’re fighting an uphill battle. There are thousands of engineers all over the world working on stopping security threats, but there are also thousands of attackers trying to break through the barriers!

So the only way you have a prayer of getting ahead of it is to have somebody making sure your systems are as secure and as up-to-date as possible on a daily basis.

What that looks like for your company really depends on your budget and risk tolerance. There are so many security measures and technologies you can put in place to lock everything down, but some can interfere with how you do business so much that your employees won’t be able to get their work done without being held back by the system.

The right mix of security measures is going to vary for every business, but what you’re looking for is to be as secure as reasonably possible.

“The biggest benefit with having Accent is really being able to sleep at night knowing that we have a team of professionals behind the scenes watching our back.”

Gary Stell, President
ABC School Equipment, Inc.

Do You Help Companies With IT Security?

Of course! We exist to help companies get the results they need from IT to achieve their business objectives, and that can’t happen without the right IT security processes in place (unless the results you wanted were compromised systems, downtime, and extra costs…).

What would your customers think if your network was compromised and the sensitive information you keep on file ABOUT THEM – financial and credit card information, order history, client lists, legal documents, account numbers, trade secrets, email exchanges, etc.  – was compromised and exposed for the world to see? Is it worth investing in protecting it?

So Where Do I Start?

Give us a call to schedule a free IT security consultation. After chatting about how things operate today and your goals for the future, we’ll identify any loopholes and provide an IT security strategy to prevent unauthorized access, and protect your infrastructure from malfunctions, destruction, misuse, or unlawful disclosure.

Whether you choose to do business with us or not, this discussion will help you figure out the level of security that is right for the nature of your business.