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Backup, Disaster Recovery, & Business Continuity

Be POSITIVE your data is there when you need it

Where Do Many Companies Go Wrong With Their Backup Strategy?

In many businesses, managers assume their data is getting backed up and that if they get a virus, if their server crashes, or if someone accidentally deletes a file, their IT guy will go into the backup and restore the data, and you’ll be good-to-go in a matter of minutes.

That’s not the case for way too many businesses.

The fact is, data may or may not be getting backed up in the first place. And even if measures are in place for automated backups, there is no guarantee that it can be easily, efficiently, and accurately recovered, unless it’s properly installed, maintained, and tested on a regular basis.

I’ve seen too many companies bank on the backup device they bought years ago, only to be sorely disappointed to find out that their data is gone.

Tossing a backup drive onto desktops is NOT the way to store data. Using tape drives or an external hard drive on your server isn’t the way either. An effective backup system is part of an overall business continuity and security strategy. It should be centralized, automated, and not dependent on a human touching it to work.

Data backup is a key business process that must be continuously managed to work properly. It takes a planned strategy based upon a number of business factors to select the appropriate storage options (and there are many) to protect your business now and into the future.

What Does Data Backup and Recovery Involve?

“Data” refers to pretty much everything you create or touch in the business environment: emails, files, databases, applications, customer records, financial information, and more.

Backing up this data can protect your company against accidental loss due to corruption, hardware failures, human error, or natural disasters. This critical data must be automatically backed up using on-premise or cloud-based storage options that align with your business objectives. Not only that, the data must be retained, accurate, and secure for WHEN (not if) you will need to recover it.

So you see, data backup and recovery is no easy feat given today’s IT landscape. It may not take an army, but it takes the expertise of well-trained IT specialists that know just what they are doing.

Do You Help Companies Backup Their Data So It’s Actually Recoverable?

Of course!

We ask lots of questions to determine just what type of data you generate, what needs to be backed up, and what frequency is required. We want to know about the importance of your data, how often it changes, the type of equipment you have, who is involved, how your company is expected to grow, and how soon you might need to get the data back if a “data disaster” occurred.

Whether your business has only been around for a few years or you have been stashing data for decades, you need a backup and recovery plan to sustain your business.

It only takes one security breach, unexpected disaster, or hitting the "Delete" key at the wrong time to make you REALLY regret not investing in backup when it counted.

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