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Referral Program

Know someone who needs help with their IT? Do them a favor and put them in touch with us!

Here's How it Works:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. We'll call your referral to schedule a meeting
  3. If your referral becomes a client, you get a gift card for Dinner-for-Two at a local fine dining restaurant

Who Should You Refer?

Ideally, we’re looking for business owners and executives who have 30-500 employees and may need help getting better results from their IT.

They could need assistance with their network, data backup, security, and want “peace of mind” knowing we have their back 24/7.

Or maybe they just need a good, no obligation second opinion about their technology game plan.


Some Ideas...

It could be one of your vendors, clients, your CPA or attorney, a family member, members of a group or association you belong to, or anyone else you work with that depends on technology to get their job done.

Refer a Friend or Colleague Here

If you have a friend or colleague that might need our services, put them in touch with us by filling out the form below. Thanks in advance!