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Addressing Risk with Effective IT Support: Inland Empire’s Accent Computer Solutions

It’s easy to forget that much of your business relies on communications and internet technology. With IT support, Inland Empire businesses can keep their systems online and their employees working efficiently.

Systems that are exposed to risk can cost a company in several different ways:

  • Downtime: during the hours, days, or weeks that a business is trying to resolve its technical issues with its own IT support, Inland Empire customers are left stranded without its products and services. It’s all too easy for competitors to move in.
  • Data loss: companies that don’t keep backups of their records and files can lose years of work in moments. It could be due to hardware corruption; it might be from a hacker, a virus, or overwritten data. Whatever the case, the information may be lost for good.
  • Intrusion: unscrupulous hackers and competitors may find their way into your system. They can gain access to your financial records, your customer data, and your strategic plans.
  • Loss of reputation: when a business is hacked, there’s more at stake than data. Customers trust their providers to guard their private information carefully. A hacked business can lose customer credit care information, passwords, and other sensitive details. When news breaks of the loss, it’s not uncommon for customers to seek business elsewhere.

Accent Computer Solutions helps companies avoid calamity with its professional IT services. Inland Empire businesses rely on TeamAccent to manage their systems and provide important protection. Our services include…

Data backup: Unfortunately, companies often ask for data backup and recovery when it’s already too late. Don’t be a victim. Work with TeamAccent to develop a backup process that will provide the system redundancy. We create customized data backup solutions and business continuity plans that include on-site backups, off-site backups, and online backups. The result is a centralized, automated, and independent tool for keeping your business running.

Data security: Online threats abound. New strains of ransom-ware encrypt business data files and attack your company’s backups. Even common viruses can find flaws in your system, moving in a continuous search-and-destroy pattern until they discover an opening. With TeamAccent’s IT support, Inland Empire businesses can protect against these threats. We specialize in all aspects of information security, from email to networks. Companies come to us to beef up their firewalls and to establish end-to-end protection.

Cloud Management: One of the simplest ways to mitigate the risk to the technology you manage: don’t manage any of it. Focus your attention on growing your business, and let Accent Computer Solutions serve as your solutions provider. Cloud management means that we handle your servers, storage, and software. Since the technology is no longer at your physical location, you can access it from anywhere and not have to allocate company space for a server room or spend an employee’s time towards keeping these systems up-to-date.

Whatever way we can assist your business, contact us about IT support. Find us online or call our Inland Empire offices at 888.373.5505.