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Vendor IT Management: Inland Empire’s Accent Computer Solutions Helps You Make the Right Technology Decisions

Choosing the right enterprise technologies is one of the most important tasks in IT management. Inland Empire businesses may need…

  • Customer relationship management (CRM): these tools allow companies to track their work with individual customers and keep information about each contact.
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems: businesses rely on ERP for managing ongoing projects and the allocation of employees, materials, and equipment.
  • Industry-specific estimation software: Enterprise-quality systems can make the process of bidding work for customers faster and simpler.

Expensive software purchases can define a company’s training, work processes, and products for years to come, and making the right decision calls for a thorough analysis of the options. Because it’s an important part of the IT service, Inland Empire businesses often dedicate technical staff that will spend hundreds of hours on the task.

There’s an alternative: partner with Accent Computer Solutions. We assist businesses in all of their technology concerns, including vendor IT management. Inland Empire businesses choose us to select the right technology for their needs and to free up their technical staff for other important day-to-day work. We also manage the company’s existing vendor relations so that employees have a single point of contact for their concerns.

Researching Technology Options for Your Unique Business

Deciding on the right solution isn’t as simple as buying the industry leader. For one, there’s the cost; software licenses can run hundreds of thousands of dollars. For another, not every piece of software will easily connect with the systems that a company already has in place.

Accent Computer Solutions works with customers to learn about their businesses and their objectives. Often, we’re performing this IT management for current Inland Empire clients. We already understand their needs and we’re able to act quickly on their behalf, whether they need a document management system or financial and accounting software.

During our research, we’ll look into the different options that are available. We conduct competitive research, feature analysis, and a financial analysis of the most viable candidates. In some cases, enterprise software that seems like the obvious choice requires so much custom coding that the costs to make it work outweigh its usefulness. Accent will provide your business with our recommendation and will help you to procure and install the option that you choose.

No More Run-Around With a Single Point of Contact

Many businesses have a long list of vendors, from VOIP to copy machines to an internet service provider. Each vendor represents a different person to call when something technical goes wrong in the office.

Get organized with help from Accent Computer Solutions. When you use us as your technical solutions provider, we become the point of contact for all of your concerns, and we work will each of your vendors to solve the problems you are facing. Taking these duties off the shoulders of your employees is one more way we help you stay focused on business.

Contact Accent Computer Solutions about vendor IT management for your Inland Empire business. Find us online or call us at (909) 204-4801.