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Managed IT Services and Consulting for Southern California Water Districts

Keep It Flowing With Reliable Technology

You’re responsible for delivering a basic element of life to thousands of people in your district. There is no vacation day for your operations; no acceptable excuse for downtime that interrupts service and scrambles your staff. You’re not afraid of high expectations, but it’s hard to meet them when you have to rely on technology that’s not reliable.

It's Time For a Better IT Experience

If your district has been putting up with lack luster IT service, or skimping on IT investments to save money, you’re probably experiencing more IT problems and disruptions than you need to be. It’s possible to get a better IT experience that will not only help you improve operations, but control IT costs in the future.

IT services to improve water district operations

Improve operations and service delivery while being fiscally responsible

IT company helps water districts serve customers

Better serve customers with a technology enhanced experience

IT management to help water districts adopt new technologies

Adopt new and innovative technologies for continuous improvement and efficiency

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IT support and strategic guidance for water districts

IT Support and Strategic Guidance

At Accent Computer Solutions, water districts get the responsive 24/7 support they need, along with strategic guidance and planning for the future.

We work to create a reliable infrastructure that scales with growth, while providing staff with quick response for the day-to-day assistance they need in the office or out in the field. We meet regularly with management to assess IT performance and make recommendations for IT investments that meet organizational objectives.

IT management and 24/7 support for water districts

IT Management and 24/7 IT Support

Some of the ways we help water districts include:

  • Automate and improve processes for efficiency
  • Integrate systems and eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Enable your workforce to work from anywhere
  • Defend against cyber attacks with layered defense
  • Manage mobile devices and equipment endpoints
  • Implement data backup and disaster recovery procedures
  • Interpret technical aspects of regulatory requirements
  • Enable innovative technologies for continuous improvement
  • Present IT proposals and initiatives to boards
  • Fast response and 24/7 support

“You get what you pay for and we can't risk sacrificing services by always going the cheaper end. Now that we're with Accent, everything just runs really smoothly around here.”

Elizabeth Lemus, Business Manager
Cabazon Water District

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Unreliable IT Puts Your Reputation at Risk -- It's Time to Do IT Right

Turn IT into a strategy for improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

A better IT experience is within reach when you do IT right.

Trusted by many Southern California water districts and agencies, such as

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