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IT Support and CMMC Consulting for Manufacturing Companies

Improve Profitability by Improving IT Performance

IT can be as cost-effective and value-driven as the rest of your business. What many manufacturing companies experience, however, is a disconnect between the principles that guide operations and the way that IT is managed. Add to that increased obligations for cyber security accountability to customers and CMMC compliance for Department of Defense contractors.

It’s no wonder that manufacturing executives are frustrated.

Get a Better IT Experience

When you change your IT experience, you can change the way that technology affects your bottom line, making a difference to your entire business. It’s possible to get a better IT experience that will not only help you improve operations, but will address evolving cyber risks and control IT costs in the future.

 IT company helps manufacturers maximize customer value

Reduce waste, maximize customer value while increasing productivity and efficiency.

 IT management for manufacturing companies that increases productivity

Manage cyber risks and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Read about CMMC compliance

 IT services improves management of risk for manufacturers

Make technology investments that improve operations and increase competitive advantage.

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Proactive IT management for manufacturing companies

Proactive IT Management, Strategic IT Guidance

We dramatically improve the IT experience of manufacturing companies by applying our proactive approach to IT management.

We identify issues before they become big problems, and quickly respond when help is needed. Our strategic IT guidance enables executives to make wise technology decisions that reduce overall IT costs and help them find ways to innovatively use technology to push ahead of the competition.

Your Outsourced Team of IT Experts

Your Outsourced Team of IT Experts

Some of the ways we help manufacturers include:

  • Stabilize networks and improve connectivity
  • Fast response and 24/7 support
  • Interpret technical aspects of ISO and NIST standards
  • Streamline processes and eliminate data errors
  • Support and maximize use of ERP software
  • Meet customer requirements for data transfer
  • Close security gaps
  • Uncover technical solutions to meet LEAN goals
  • Develop processes to control access to data
  • Enable new technologies such as robotics, AI and blockchain
  • Attain and maintain CMMC compliance (Learn more about CMMC compliance consulting.)

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Consulting

Accent is a CMMC Registered Provider Organization. We provide CMMC consulting through a staff of Registered Practitioners that guide companies through every step of their CMMC compliance journey, from submitting the self-assessment through audit preparation.

Learn more about CMMC compliance and how we work with manufacturers in the Department of Defense supply chain.

“The biggest benefit that I have with a relationship with Accent is going home at night knowing we have a team of professionals behind the scenes. Having that confidence really allows us to focus on what we’re good at, and that’s visual display products.”

Gary Stell, Jr., President and CEO
ABC School Equipment

When IT Can't Keep Up...

Your productivity is at the mercy of unreliable technology that wastes time and money, and threatens your ability to improve operations and grow profitability.


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