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IT Services and Consulting for Non-profits

Deliver Your Mission With Cost-Effective IT Support

As a non-profit, you have to be transparent about the money you allocate towards operations. Your donors, members and board are all looking for low overhead and efficiency, but the two don’t necessarily go together. Low-overhead often means you’re stretched too thin.

IT Management: Key to Doing More With Less

When you have tight budgets and staff with a full plate of responsibilities, investing in the right technology can actually help you deliver your mission. With proactive IT management, your people can do more with less and set your organization up for sustainable growth in the future.

IT services to help non-profits improve operational effectiveness

Improve operational effectiveness, resource management, and security

IT company helps non-profits drive more growth

Drive more growth, expand services, and increase the impact of your mission

IT management helps non-profits retain and engage the community

Retain and engage members, donors, staff and the community

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IT services and strategic guidance for non-profits

IT Services and Strategic Guidance

At Accent Computer Solutions, we help non-profits find ways to use technology to help them drive their mission while controlling costs.

By building a solid IT infrastructure and supporting staff on a day-to-day basis, our clients get a dramatically improved technology experience.

When we collaborate together to create IT strategy, non-profits can adopt the technologies that not only improve operations but provide the types of interactions that deepen relationships with members, donors, volunteers and staff.

A Whole IT Department at Your Disposal

A Whole IT Department at Your Disposal

Some of the ways we help non-profits include:

  • Maintain layered security to defend against cyber attack
  • Improve data gathering and storage for accurate reports
  • Integrate systems to eliminate potential for error
  • Automate and improve processes
  • Implement data backup and disaster recovery procedures
  • Provide more visibility into costs
  • Empower staff to call for help any time, as many times as they need, included in one monthly cost
  • Fast response and 24/7 support
  • IT planning and budgeting for future technology investments
  • Enable your staff to work from anywhere

“Every dollar that we save on information technology is another dollar that's available for the services we provide to the community, and Accent gives us full value. No doubt about it!”

Jed Shafer, Former CEO
West End Family Counseling Services

Can't Keep Up With Technology?

It’s hard to convince people that your organization is relevant for today and can meet the challenges of tomorrow if you can’t keep up with technology.


Empower Your People to Be the Change

Learn how Accent Computer Systems can empower your organization with the IT results you need to be the change you strive to be.

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