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IT Support and Management for Financial Services Firms

Earn More Business With Technology-Driven Service

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Provide Secure Client Service

Whether you are a credit union, bank, financial planner, insurance company or investment company, you know that the financial services industry has been disrupted by technology.

With the disruption has come a huge conflict in matching up the needs of customers with the need for security and regulatory compliance.


Proactive IT Decreases Technology Costs and Risks

In the race to stay competitive, many organizations have been adding technology after technology, but instead of enabling their growth, it has increased costs and risks. It doesn’t have to be that way. A proactive approach to IT services can actually help you decrease costs, better manage risks, and be a driver for your growth allowing you to:

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Meet customer expectations for digital interactions

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Maintain a strong security defense and comply with regulations

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Streamline operations and maximize efficiency

Strategic IT Services and Support

Our approach to IT services and support gives financial services organizations the agility they need to keep up with changing technology.

By creating a strong and reliable infrastructure, along with multiple layers of security, our clients are able to be early adopters of the new technologies that their customers want without compromising security or network stability.

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Your IT Business Partner

Some of the ways we help our financial services firms includes:

Fast response and 24/7 support

Interpret technical aspects of regulatory compliance

Maximize cyber security with layered defenses

Manage mobile devices for security

Build a solid, scalable infrastructure

Create time-saving workflows

Design systems to optimize internet connectivity

Enable your workforce to work from anywhere

Establish backup and recovery procedures

Unlimited support desk calls

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    We can rest assured, knowing we've got a team that cares about us and who's being proactive.

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Without IT, Customer Loyalty is Threatened

Reality is, customer loyalty in the financial services industry isn’t what it used to be. The temptation to jump to one of your competitors because they can offer a better digital experience is real.

Embrace Technology as a Competitive Advantage

We can help you set yourself up to embrace technology and use it to grow your business. Take the first step and explore how you can do IT right with the Accent team by your side.

Trusted by many Southern California businesses, such as:

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