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IT Support and Management for Industrial and Consumer Distribution Companies

Conquer the Competition with Reliable IT Services

Industrial and consumer distribution companies are up against some fierce competition and it’s BIG. And it's not just big - it’s also fast and cheap. In today’s world, that’s all your customers need to dump their loyalty.

Gain Competitive Advantage with Technology

Technology is the reason why the competitive landscape has changed so drastically, and technology is going to be the way that your company can beat the competition. You just need the right IT partner by your side, enabling your company to:

IT support and management helps distribution companies capture more margin

Shorten lead times, reduce errors, capture more margin

Distribution companies can attract and retain customers when IT services help them to be responsive

Attract and retain customers with responsive, customized service

Reliable IT systems help distribution companies make decisions quickly

Make strategic decisions quickly with accurate data

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IT services enable your commercial or industrial distribution company

Enable Your Business With Technology

Our approach to IT services gives businesses in the distribution industry the ability to quickly pivot with changing customer needs. By creating a solid IT infrastructure with multiple layers of security, we build the foundation for the technologies that can enable you to become more efficient, more agile, and more customer focused.

We work with companies like yours to integrate systems and streamline processes so that you can do more with less, and gain visibility into inventory and costs. The result is that you can make informed decisions that allow you to be responsive to customers while maximizing returns.


Strategic IT guidance and services for distribution companies

Strategic IT Guidance and Services

Some of the ways we help industrial and consumer distribution companies include:

  • Fast response and 24/7 support
  • Build a solid infrastructure that scales with need
  • Improve cyber risk management with layered defenses
  • Integrate systems to consolidate data and reduce errors
  • Automate processes for efficiency
  • Setup EDI to integrate with customer or supplier systems
  • Act as support liaison for ERP software
  • Enable new technologies such as automation and robotics
  • Develop processes to control access to information
  • IT guidance to plan and budget for IT investments

“It's nice to know we have a partner on the IT side that understands what it's like to be at a level that we've never been before.”

Chris Pulone, President
Seachrome Corporation

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Prepared to Pay the Cost of Waiting?

Waiting to invest in your IT systems might seem like a cost savings on the surface, but the results are usually errors and delays, data breaches and lost customers.


Start Using Technology as a Competitive Advantage

Partner with the team at Accent Computer Solutions and go from commodity service to trusted trading partner.

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