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IT Support, Security & CMMC Compliance Services for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Strengthen Your Place in the Aerospace Supply Chain

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Maintain Profitability with Effective IT

If your business is involved in the aerospace and defense industry, you are a part of one of the most complex supply chains in the world. Your customers at the top of the chain depend on your performance not just to meet their production goals, but to be profitable.

Add Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification compliance to the list of requirements that you must deliver to your customers, and you have significant pressure on your own ability to be profitable.

Use IT as a Competitive Edge

The way you manage IT can have a huge impact on your ability to grow profits, while managing costs and risks. That means that when you change your IT experience, you can change the way that technology affects your bottom line, making a difference to your entire business.

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Meet customer requirements for visibility, cost reductions, data storage, and adopting new technologies
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Attain CMMC compliance and maintain rigid security standards while enabling collaboration.
Implement operational efficiencies that control costs and provide a competitive advantage

Strategic IT for Reliability and Agility

The team at Accent Computer Solutions understands that your decisions about IT could help you be a better supplier.

Our strategic approach to IT support and management helps companies like yours build a reliable IT system that lays the groundwork for the digital initiatives that you face today and in the future.

We help companies create IT strategy to help them budget and plan for the future, respond quickly to new customer requirements, and close up security vulnerabilities while assuring that employees have the day-to-day support they need.


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Outsourced IT Department Services

Some of the ways that we help aerospace and defense companies include:

  • Attain and maintain CMMC compliance
  • Interpret technical aspects of ITAR regulations
  • Interpret and implement ISO and NIST standards
  • Create security policy and procedures
  • Develop processes to control access to information
  • Design data storage systems
  • Integrate systems internally and externally
  • Act as support liaison for ERP, CAD software
  • Find technical solutions to support LEAN initiatives
  • Enable new technologies such as robotics, AI and blockchain
  • Setup EDI systems and train staff in their use
  • Unlimited support desk calls
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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

As CMMC Registered Provider Organization, we help aerospace companies successfully attain and maintain Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification.

By leveraging the knowledge of our trained CMMC consultants, along with our expertise in cyber security, manufacturers in the Aerospace and Defense industry can get the guidance they need to take them all the way through their compliance journey.

Learn more about CMMC compliance

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The Price of Poor Performance

If your IT systems are causing poor operating performance and creating a poor experience for your customers, you can be sure it’s showing up on your supplier scorecard and it will be noticed.

Be a More Competitive Supplier

Let the team at Accent help you use strategic IT management and support to help you become a more competitive supplier, so that you can realize more profits and capture more business.

Trusted by many Southern California businesses, such as:

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