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If your IT sucks, you're not alone. We hear stories of disappointing IT results all the time.

If any of the scenarios below sound familiar, it might be time to reconsider your IT arrangement...

  • Every day brings new problems, and nothing ever seems to work right.
  • I feel like I’m writing another big check for IT all the time.
  • My employees are frustrated with the technology.
  • Our support system can never answer the questions or find the solutions, and my staff has given up asking for help.
  • Employees are waiting days or weeks to get the support they need to do their job.
  • I’m so busy dealing with IT issues, it is holding me back from hitting my goals.
  • Over and over, I just hear excuses for why systems aren’t working or why a program cannot be edited to streamline a process.
  • My IT staff isn't very respected.
  • When we try to get ahold of our IT guy, it can take days to hear back.
  • Legacy systems are going down, and there is nobody to repair or replace them.
  • My IT staff is no longer able to troubleshoot and keep up with advancing technologies that might solve our problems.
  • My staff is complaining constantly, and I’m just trying to keep up.

Your IT infrastructure is no longer a component of your business that can run on its own. Gone are the days when you could put technology in place and forget about it. Technology is changing so fast, and IT is one of the most important facets to nearly every business.

Without superior IT, you risk productivity, efficiency, and profitability. It is a hugely competitive industry, and IT is the foundation for which your company can survive in the future.

If you read this and thought, "Yeah, it sucks and there MUST be a better way"...give us a call or fill out the form on this page. We'll help you figure out if you're getting what you should be for the amount that you're paying, and see if there might be a way to get better results from the IT function in your company.