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Big Bear Lake DWP Gets the Reliable Support They Need to Serve the Community

A Big Bear Water Agency's IT Support Results

Getting the Support They Need, When They Need It

Dani McGee is Chief Financial Officer for the City of Big Bear Lake, Department of Water (BBLDWP), an agency servicing 16,000 connections in the Big Bear Valley of the San Bernardino Mountains.

Prior to working with Accent Computer Solutions, BBLDWP relied on a single IT consultant for their technology needs. This resulted in some stellar days – and some days where service was sorely missed.

Realizing the need for more proactive and consistent support, they made the switch to Accent Computer Solutions.

Dani says, "We have a high degree of confidence in the reliability of our systems now, so there’s far less worry, concern, and feeling like we have to jump in .... We know that we’re in good hands. That allows everybody to take a deep breath.”


Water District | Big Bear Lake, CA | 20-50 Employees


“What set Accent apart was their staff’s breadth of knowledge. It’s clear that everything – from cabling to workstation deployment, to high-level infrastructure, or reworking of our servers and network – could be done under one roof.”

Dani McGee, CFO
Big Bear Lake DWP

Daily Life With Inconsistent Support

BBLDWP’s operations rely heavily on computers and being able to access customer information. If the employees can’t access the system, they aren’t able to serve their customers.

Prior to working with Accent, BBLDWP relied on an “IT guy.” Their consultant was a great guy, but he was just one man. He did the best he could to provide services that were within his skillset, but BBLDWP realized over time that they needed a more reliable IT partner who could offer a broader spectrum of services and knowledge.

When asked about daily life with their prior IT consultant, Dani says, “Some days were business-as-usual. Other days, we didn’t get the support we needed, when we needed it.”

After their accounting server went down, they learned that it was out of warranty and they couldn’t get the support they needed. It was down for three weeks. That’s when they knew they needed to make a change in how IT was handled.

“We went through a series of single-person providers, then I found Accent online and thought ‘This is what I want,’” Dani says with a bright smile.



The Proposal Process & Why BBLDWP Chose Accent

BBLDWP began looking for a more comprehensive managed IT service to replace their one-man-show IT consultant.

When Dani and her team met with Accent’s owner, Marty Kaufman, their conversation reinforced that this was the right direction for them. Dani says, “We did look at other companies, and Accent provided the most comprehensive proposal.”

“What set Accent apart was their staff’s breadth of knowledge. It’s clear that everything – from cabling to workstation deployment, to high-level infrastructure, or reworking of our servers and network – could be done under one roof. The other companies we interviewed had just a handful of people and were not staffed nearly as strongly as Accent.”

““We don’t want to have an IT person on staff…the best thing for us was to outsource it to a company like Accent that provides us with a full gamut of all the services we need, for a very reasonable price.”

Dani McGee, CFO
Big Bear Lake DWP

Immediate Results & Planning for the Future

“Accent impacted our business instantly,” Dani says. BBLDWP’s network was faltering when they hired Accent. They were constantly losing connectivity, and employees couldn’t get their job done due to network configuration issues. “Accent came in and immediately found that something was plugged in wrong, and they fixed it. It’s as simple as that to a specialist at Accent.”

This gave BBLDWP confidence right away in the team they’d chosen for their IT support.

As part of the onboarding process, Accent evaluated their entire network and IT infrastructure. This helped both parties get a complete picture of what they have, how they’re using it, and discuss their plans for the future.

“Within a couple months, we had comprehensive recommendations for our network and we were given a menu to choose from. We didn’t have to take it all – we could decide on just what we wanted, " said Dani. "We modified it and got exactly what we wanted and needed. We have a very high-functioning IT environment now.”



No More IT Worries

BBLDWP has trusted their IT management to Accent Computer Solutions since 2016. They have confidence that their systems are reliable and that they’re in good hands.

“I don’t worry about IT on a daily basis anymore. I know our servers are redundantly backed up, I know the data is available to the end users, and I know we’re able to generate bills and process payments, because our infrastructure is rock solid now. It’s being monitored constantly – if there’s even a flicker, I get notified. I know when something going on, and I know that Accent is on the case,” said Dani.

BBLDWP and Accent work together as partners to achieve their goals, and their staff enjoys the relationship. “We all love working with Accent because you’ve got great people.”



Expert Service Any Time They Need It

"Any time something comes up, we can pick up the phone, send an e-mail, or open a ticket through the portal, and we know we’ll be responded to rapidly. And that the level of technical knowledge will be there for us.”

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