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Pathway Church Gets What They Need From Outsourced IT Services

A Redlands Church's IT Support Results

A Note From Gary About His Experience Using Accent Computer Solutions:

    Non-Profit |    Redlands, CA |    20-50 Employees

"Pathway Church has used computers for a long time, but after moving to our new office about seven years ago, we realized that our connection to staff members and our church family would become more dependent on the power and reliability of our computer system.

Back then I knew two things about Marty: motorcycles and computers. Since our staff already had motorcycles, we didn't need help there. With our computer system, we did. We relied on the expertise of Accent for the purchase of a new server and desktop computers. With that guidance we were able to purchase equipment with the redundancy needed for a reliable system.

At first we felt comfortable using our system and taking care of issues as they came up. Within a short period of time we realized there were more issues with a new system than we anticipated - or budgeted for. Who would think that a new system would need regular maintenance? Some months our system behaved well and some months it didn't. We learned that computers can do their job well, but with non-technical staff members using them every day, problems are imminent. We also discovered that some people outside of our control enjoy nothing better than infecting other people’s computers.

Accent was able to provide Pathway Church with a service agreement that makes maintenance of our system reliable and consistent for our yearly budget. Almost all of our issues are handled online, without a service technician coming to our location, saving both time and money.

Have you ever bought something that you liked better years later than the day you signed up? That hasn't happened often for me, but it's how I feel about Accent Computer Solutions’ service. By the way, most of our staff does not ride motorcycles anymore, but we use computers every day."

— Gary Jefferson, Former Executive Pastor


“This has turned out to give us much more than we expected, and we're much happier than we thought we could be.”

Gary Jefferson
Former Executive Pastor at Pathway Church


Pathway is a Redlands-based church whose mission is simple: Know Love, Grow Love, Show Love.

This is the core mission at Pathway, and they also align with the Baptist Faith and Message. 

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