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West End Family Counseling Services Gets Cost-Effective IT Services

A Ontario Non-Profit's IT Support Results

Seamless IT Services at a Fair Value

West End Family Counseling Services is a non-profit community-based mental health organization. To keep their operations running smoothly, they need an IT partner who could relieve the Senior Financial Specialist from having to do the IT tasks herself. 

Non-Profit | Ontario, CA | 50-100 Employees


“Every dollar that we save on information technology is another dollar that's available for the services we provide to the community.”

Jed Shafer
Former CEO, West End Family Counseling Services

About West End Family Counseling

West End Family Logo

West End Family Counseling Services was established in 1955. They are a non-profit, public benefit charity.

The Agency provides low-cost community mental health services in West San Bernardino County. With an annual budget of over $5 million, the Agency provides over 25,000 hours of direct services to clients from 3 clinics, over 30 school sites, and various community centers.

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