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Encore Image is Confident in Their Information Technology

An Ontario Manufacturer's IT Support Results

More Than a One Person Job

    Manufacturer |    Ontario, CA |    20-50 Employees


Encore Image had a full-time person staffed to manage their IT needs prior to hiring Accent Computer Solutions, but the load and the advancements in technology ended up being more than one person could handle effectively.

Once Encore’s system became more complex and included the use of servers, they realized that they needed someone to monitor and administer their IT regularly to be sure their network was protected and secure. Encore’s president, Mark Haist, heard about Accent through a professional networking organization and decided to let them take over and manage all of Encore’s technology needs.

Potential Disaster Averted with Proactive Thinking

After hiring Accent, it was discovered that Encore had left gaps in their network that were prime for hackers, viruses, etc. This was something that Haist says they had never thought about before. “Accent looks at the obvious and the ‘what-ifs.’ They make you think about and plan for all of the things that could happen to your business that you’ve never thought about before.”

Luckily, Encore’s network was never compromised in the time prior to hiring Accent, but the potential for disaster was definitely there.


Peace of Mind to Focus on Their Core Business

The biggest benefit Haist has seen since hiring Accent is that he no longer is concerned about his IT. “I know that my IT needs are dealt with so I can focus on my core business,” says Haist.

His employees are more productive because their network has little to no downtime anymore. If any issues do arise, the downtime is minimal due to Accent’s Help Desk services. “The Help Desk has been the best support. I can get to them right away and get my issue resolved promptly without the ‘We’ll call you back’ mentality of other IT providers.”

“The day I handed over the keys to Accent and said 'Here, you do it all,' there was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.”

Mark Haist, Former President
Encore Image

Encore Image

Encore Image creates custom architectural signs and sign structure elements. They have a long history of producing superior sign systems. However, Encore Image also believes that an effective visual image is the total of all the elements that comprise a corporate or retail establishment. Signs, lighting, architectural features and landscaping all work together to create a compelling visual identity.

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