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Harbor Division Gets the IT Support They Need to Better Serve Their Customers

A Los Angeles Transportation Company's IT Services Results

Reliable IT Service Anytime They Need It

Harbor Division is a growing company, and technology is paramount to being able to serve their customers efficiently.

Benjamin Satterlee, president of Harbor Division, was doing his best to combat the company’s day-to-day IT needs, but running the company and doing IT simultaneously was “nothing short of a nightmare.” Relief came when he outsourced IT to Accent Computer Solutions.

He says, "By bringing you guys on, I get to do what I'm good at and that's running this company, instead of dealing with IT on a daily basis."


Transportation | Long Beach, CA | 20-50 Employees


“Accent helps me do what I do better and helps my customers because it provides peace of mind. I don't have to pay much attention to IT anymore.”

Benjamin Satterlee, President
Harbor Division

Balancing IT Management and Running the Company

At Harbor Division, the trucks do the heavy lifting, but their technology-driven customer service is what keeps them running, and keeps their customers happy.

Prior to working with Accent, Benjamin was not only running the company, but also acting as the office’s IT manager.

“My experience as the IT manager was nothing short of a nightmare. We have so many peripherals, so much software, and so much email that it was just too much for me to handle…and I'm not an IT professional, so it didn't always go so well,” said Benjamin about his experience being president and IT manager.

Being President and IT Manager simultaneously proved to be an incredibly difficult task. When he discussed the need for a full-service IT support solution with one of his drayage partners, they suggested he reach out to their IT support provider, Accent Computer Solutions.



Getting Their IT In Shape

Harbor Division is a 24/7/365 company. Having the proper infrastructure to monitor their loads, and knowing their network environment is adequately setup and stable, is vital to their success.

When Accent came in, they reviewed Harbor Division’s current IT situation and provided recommendations to keep their IT operations running smoothly.

Regarding their previous IT situation, Benjamin says, “We really weren't set up as we should be. Even though we're a small business, we didn't have adequate storage space, we didn't have multiple servers, we didn't have backups – which were huge solutions that Accent provided. Had we had a catastrophic server failure, we would have lost all customer and invoicing records. We would have been dead as a company.”

Benjamin also appreciated the education and sound advice that came along with the IT services. He says, “You guys provided a plethora of solutions that I didn't even know existed, that I didn't know we needed at the time. You educated me, as well as helping me out in the IT field.”

“Now that I don’t have any IT issues, it’s easier for me to focus on growing our business.”

Benjamin Satterlee, President
Harbor Division

Peace of Mind and Empowered Employees

With a business that operates around the clock, Harbor Division's employees may need IT support at any given time. One of the things they appreciate the most about Accent’s services is that any employee can get support at any hour.

“I get immediate attention for any problem, including the weekends. We have 24/7 operations here, so we need 24/7 support…I know that if any of my employees or managers have an issue, they can reach out directly to Accent.”

Today, Benjamin’s day-to-day focus is back on running the company. “Accent helps me do what I do better, and helps my customers, because they provide peace of mind. I have peace of mind just knowing that everything is going to work when I come in, and it will keep working. I don’t have to pay much attention to IT anymore.”



Moving Offices When Downtime Isn't An Option

For a company with 24/7 operations, being down – even when moving offices – is not an option. When it came time to move to a new facility, Accent worked to keep Harbor Division up-and-running for the maximum amount of time possible.

Benjamin says, “We moved last June, and I knew it would be difficult, but I had no idea what all went into a move this size. We are on a 24/7 schedule, so we can’t be down for two or three days. That is just too long to let my customers down.

With Accent, we could move in a 3- or 4-hour period. We moved all of our IT infrastructure and were up-and-running the same day. It was amazing. Definitely a superhero moment.”

Planning ahead and looking forward proactively is what led to such a great transition.

“We started planning about six months out. I like being proactive, and it seems to me that so does Accent. That's probably why it went without any hitches whatsoever,” explained Benjamin.

“I get immediate attention for any problem that we have, and often I get support from more than one individual.”

Benjamin Satterlee, President
Harbor Division

About Harbor Division


Harbor Division has been hauling ocean containers since 1986. They have learned how to efficiently navigate the port gauntlet to expedite container delivery, and they're only getting better. They provide a range of services, including container storage, port and rail drayage, and warehouse services.

With up-to-the-minute dispatch status updates, Harbor Division believes that communication is the key to customer satisfaction.

Harbor Division proudly boasts that they are the "Hardest Working Guys in the Harbor Since 1986."

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