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"I know exactly what it will cost me each month."

- Julie Ferguson, VP of Administration, ARI

Finally, No Surprise Charges

The Ayn Rand Institute quickly found out that Accent’s All-In program really does mean all-inclusive. They had experiences in the past with IT companies whose service agreements really meant “mostly all-in.” They don’t get that with Accent.

Coverage and pricing are clear, allowing for clear budgeting. “I know exactly what it will cost me each month,” says Ferguson, “and if we need any large projects done, they are separately quoted, performed, and billed.”

"It’s a great relief to me to know that we have people 24/7 and I can just call
someone at Accent and they’re on it."

- Julie Ferguson, VP of Administration, ARI

Technical Support With a Personal Touch

From the beginning, ARI was impressed by Accent’s personal approach to service. Ferguson was “blown away that the team came here to speak to the staff and management, and answer questions.”

Ferguson also enjoys that Accent has no problem assisting any member of ARI with their technical support issues. “We have a variety of end users, as many companies do, who range from having basic computer knowledge to the very technically savvy. We have those two extremes and everyone in between, and Accent is there for us for all of those people.”

"I consider Accent my strategic partner."

- Julie Ferguson, VP of Administration, ARI