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South Pacific Financial Corporation Focuses on Their Business - Not Their IT

An Irvine Mortgage Company's IT Support Results

Their Decision: IT Manager vs. Outsourced IT Support

South Pacific Financial Corporation has grown into a large company and needs the expertise of a full IT staff managing their systems.

When it came down to having to hire more employees for the IT staff, SPFC decided that they did not want the added worry of having to manage an IT department in-house.

They knew that there would be no way to get the 24/7 support that they needed with an internal IT department, and that hiring the number of employees it would take to get the amount of expertise needed would not be cost-effective.

Realizing that it is imperative to have a complete set of knowledge and experience to manage their systems and to advise their company, SPFC chose to completely outsource their IT department to Accent Computer Solutions.


Mortgage | Irvine, CA | 200-300 Employees

“We're not an IT company - Accent allows us to focus on being a mortgage company”

Bob Pickham
CFO, South Pacific Financial Corporation

Just Like Having Someone In-House

After an exhaustive network discovery process to determine SPFC’s specific needs, Accent was able to provide the hardware and software solutions that were right for them. “We defer to Accent on all hardware, software, and phone system decisions. They know us so intimately that they can give us educated advice on what the best path is for our company.” says SPFC’s CFO Bob Pickham.

Accent also continues to document everything about SPFC’s system; that way anyone from Team Accent can come in and know exactly how they’re set up and how to best serve their specific needs.

To the employees of SPFC, having Accent as their IT department is no different than having a fully staffed in-house technology center. “And plus, Accent has a ticket system; the work is trackable, and it’s way more than we could implement on our own.”

“ They know us so intimately that they can give us educated advice on the best path for our company.”

Bob Pickham
CFO, South Pacific Financial Corporation

'Round the Clock Support

There was an incident where SPFC’s system went down and “Accent worked around the clock to get us up and running by the next business day. I believe that if we didn’t have Accent, the process would have stretched at least a few days if we had to do it internally."

“We can sleep at night knowing Accent is always there.”

Bob Pickham
CFO, South Pacific Financial Corporation

About South Pacific Financial Corporation


South Pacific is a value based Regional Mortgage Bank that was founded over 30 years ago. Agency approvals from FNMA, FHLMC, USDA and GNMA, and a growing servicing portfolio, allows for simplification for both the loan officer and the consumer. Minimal overlays with respect to guidelines and documentation not only give them the ability to serve a larger segment of potential home buyers but also allows their loan officers to concentrate on creating value for their borrowers and referral sources instead of trying to solve the overlay puzzle.

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