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ProActive IT Brings Peace of Mind and Focus

A Corona Manufacturer's IT Support Results

Reliance on One-Man IT Shop Caused Discomfort

  Manufacturer |  Corona, CA |  20-50 Employees

Gary Stell Jr. has seen many changes in the past 30 plus years that he has been working in his family’s business. One of the biggest changes has been the evolution of technology. As a manufacturer of marker boards, chalkboards, tack boards and other visual display equipment for the K-12 education market, ABC School Equipment relies on their IT systems to keep operations running smoothly and customers happy with up-to-date order information and on-time delivery.

As President and CEO, Gary wants to know that his company is secure and that he can count on their IT systems to keep operations running smoothly. That’s why relying on a one-person IT shop made him feel uncomfortable.



Proactive Team Approach to IT Made Sense

“Some of the challenges that we faced before working with Accent was our relationship with our previous IT provider,” said Gary. “He was a one-man shop. Great guy, but we were concerned that we didn’t have a growth strategy for our business, and we wanted to have a team of IT experts behind us.”

Gary met Marty Kaufman, founder and CEO of Accent Computer Solutions, through an executive peer group. What he heard from Marty about a proactive approach to IT made sense and he saw that switching to Accent would give his manufacturing company the comprehensive IT support and guidance that he knew they needed. Better yet, he could get peace of mind that he had a whole company of technology professionals behind him who could guide his decisions about IT investment, while handling any challenge that came their way.

“What I like most about Accent is the communication that we receive. You know if something goes down, they’ll have a representative on site to make sure that we’re up and running again,” said Gary. “The monthly meetings that we have with George, quarterly meetings with Derek or Marty, really brings the whole IT technology platform for ABC in front of us to make good solid decisions and wise investments.”


Seamless Implementation of IT System Improvements

One of the first concerns that the Accent team addressed when they started working with ABC School Equipment was the creation of a solid backup and disaster recovery plan. Shortly after that, the company needed to update their ERP software and upgrade their servers. The IT strategists at Accent recommended virtualization as part of the solution. When the time came to implement the virtualization, everything went smoothly and the communication that Gary received from Accent made the whole transition seamless.


Constant Confidence in His Outsourced IT Team

What attracted to Gary to Accent was their proactive approach and that is what he appreciates most about their continuing partnership. Being proactive gives Gary confidence that operations aren’t going to be disrupted. It gives him something else, too -- peace of mind and focus.

“I think the biggest benefit that I have with a relationship with Accent is going home at night knowing that we have a team of professionals behind the scenes,” said Gary. “Having that confidence really allows us to focus on what we’re good at, and that’s visual display products.”

“The biggest benefit with having Accent is really being able to sleep at night knowing that we have a team of professionals behind the scenes watching our back.”

Gary Stell, Jr.
President, ABC School Equipment

About ABC School Equipment, Inc.


ABC School Equipment, Inc. is a family-owned business that manufactures visual display products, primarily for the K-12 markets within the US. Their markerboards, chalkboards, and tackboards are also put to use in the corporate world, with some use by Apple and Google. Since 1964, ABC has been committed to producing the absolute best in visual display products.

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