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ABC School Equipment, Inc. Can Be Proactive with Information Technology Planning

A Corona Manufacturer's IT Support Results

Putting an Information Technology Plan in Place

ABC School Equipment previously relied on a one-man IT company based out of Los Angeles for their network support, but the limited service left them feeling vulnerable.

Their concerns about growth and having a strategy in place to move forward finally became too great. They needed the peace of mind that Accent’s 24/7 support could provide. Working with Accent finally allowed them to have a proactive approach with their system.


Manufacturer | Corona, CA | 20-50 Employees


“I think outsourcing our IT to Accent Computer Solutions has been one of the best decisions we've made as a company.”

Gary Stell, Jr.
President, ABC School Equipment

Peace of Mind That IT is Taken Care of

Before switching to Accent, ABC had no backup or disaster recovery plan in place and if anything would have compromised their system, they would have been out of luck.

With Accent, they found solutions to both of these problems and now have peace of mind that they’re covered if something goes wrong. They also found the experts at Accent beneficial when they decided to switch to a virtual server. With their help, ABC was able to transition smoothly, with no downtime during the upgrades.

“The biggest benefit with having Accent is really being able to sleep at night knowing that we have a team of professionals behind the scenes watching our back.”

Gary Stell, Jr.
President, ABC School Equipment

Constant Confidence & Solid Decisions

With Accent, ABC had several levels of service available allowing them to pick what was right for their needs. They found a fit with the All-In program, as well as upgrading all of their servers and workstations. ABC can now rest easy at night knowing they are being constantly managed and monitored behind the scenes and have all of their data backed up several times per day. They also now have the confidence that if something happens, Accent will be working around the clock to get them back up and running.

That confidence allows them to focus on what they’re good at - manufacturing visual display products.

The communication from Accent is one of ABC’s favorite features. They know that if something happens, a representative will be put onsite to fix the problem, and the benefit of monthly and quarterly meetings with the various levels of staff keep the company on track and making solid decisions regarding their IT.

“It's the constant communication we have with Accent that really makes the relationship work well for us.”

Gary Stell, Jr.
President, ABC School Equipment

About ABC School Equipment, Inc.


ABC School Equipment, Inc. is a family-owned business that manufactures visual display products, primarily for the K-12 markets within the US. Their markerboards, chalkboards, and tackboards are also put to use in the corporate world, with some use by Apple and Google. Since 1964, ABC has been committed to producing the absolute best in visual display products.

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