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Equipment Manufacturer Finds IT Services with Peace of Mind

An Anaheim Manufacturer's IT Support Results

Time to Do Something Drastically Different with IT

    Manufacturer |    Anaheim, CA |    20-50 Employees

The high rise buildings of LA punch the sky with unique designs along with acres and acres of glass. It makes you wonder if the architects considered how the owners were going to be able to access the structures for maintenance, let alone clean all that glass!

Fortunately, Sky Rider Equipment Company in Anaheim has that covered. They design, manufacture, install and service high-rise window washing equipment, custom facade access solutions, and building maintenance units.

As General Manager of Operations at Sky Rider, Michael Eaton understands the role that technology plays in staying connected to crews out in the field; in keeping business operations flowing; and in supporting their engineers who are designing and installing custom equipment at properties around the globe.

When Michael learned about Accent Computer Solutions through an acquaintance, he decided that it was time to do something different with IT -- something drastically different.


IT Frustrations Had Been Mounting

Frustrations with IT at Sky Rider had been mounting for quite some time. Employees had become used to IT issues. Unreliable technology and unreliable IT support was a daily headache for Michael.

Even as their IT provider reacted to problem after problem, their situation never got any better. Their systems were slow. Their data wasn’t backed up properly. Their servers would go down for up to a week at a time. Just getting their IT guy to respond to their phone call was a challenge.


Preventative Instead of Corrective, Proactive Instead of Reactive

Then Michael met with the Accent team and learned about a different way to take care of his manufacturing company's IT service needs -- one that was preventative instead of corrective; proactive instead of reactive. The experience of making the switch validated the decision from day one with onboarding when Accent immediately began addressing their challenges and provided the daily support that had been sorely lacking.

“Accent is very hands on. They’re very quick to help us when we need help, and they empower all of our staff to be able to contact them and put in IT requests for simple things.” said Michael.


Little Issues Never Become Big Problems

In their work to create the reliable IT system that Sky Rider needed, Accent has brought their equipment and software up-to-date, and implemented a cloud backup system. Now their IT network is maintained with prevention as the goal. When issues arise, they are addressed before they become big problems, and Accent helps the company plan and budget for improvements that will help them grow in the future.

“It’s really giving us peace of mind knowing that all of our data is being backed up and stored properly, and it’s made our workflow a lot more efficient,” said Michael. “Accent helps us serve our customers by keeping us up and running.”

Sky Rider’s founder, Carl W. Gray started the company to give building owners the reliable products and services they need to maintain their properties. It’s only fitting that Carl’s company receive the same kind of reliability from an IT company that is committed to helping them.

“What set Accent apart from the competition was that they're all about preventative maintenance, instead of waiting for the problem to actually occur.”

Michael Eaton
General Manager of Operations


Sky Rider Equipment Company provides design, manufacturing, service and consulting for high-rise window washing equipment, custom facade access solutions, and building maintenance units. Founded by Carl W. Gray in 1984, the company has over 70 employees whose mission is to protect workers from serious injury, and building management from excessive liability risk, by providing the best high-rise access equipment and maintenance possible.

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