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Lobb & Plewe Sticks to Their Budget With Flat-Fee Information Technology

A Corona Law Firm's IT Support Results

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Experienced IT for an Experienced Firm

Law Firm
Corona, CA
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Enough with Nickels and Dimes

Lobb & Plewe's team of legal partners were tired of not knowing how much money they were going to spend on IT in any given period. It seemed like they were always having technology problems and every issue that came up was an extra cost. They felt nickeled-and-dimed.

Mark Lobb, partner of Lobb & Plewe, heard about Accent Computer Solutions through a professional organization and realized that the cost of IT can be lower and predictable.

Lobb and Plewe now enjoys the experience of flat-fee IT support.  "Budgeting for our IT is really easy for us now because it's a flat figure every month," said Tim Plewe, Partner.


Professional Flat-Fee IT Support

Accent brought in a professional attitude toward IT support and guidance to Lobb & Plewe. All of the work performed on their systems is thoroughly documented and presented to the firm’s partners on a regular basis. “We are better aware of how our network is performing because everything is documented and addressed in a timely manner,” says Tim Plewe, one of Lobb & Plewe's corporate law partners.

Loff & Plewe also enjoys being able to maintain a balanced budget when it comes to their IT. “Accent offers service plans that make it easy for us to budget our IT costs,” explains Plewe.

Hiring an IT company with a stable structure, a chain of command, and documented procedures is a decision that the partners of Lobb & Plewe are glad they made.


Monday Morning Came and It Was Business as Usual

A problem with Lobb & Plewe's network came up over the weekend and Accent came out immediately and resolved it with minimal downtime. “When Monday morning came, all issues were addressed and business continued without a hitch,” says Plewe.

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    The partners of the law firm can focus on their work knowing that the IT is taken care of.

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    Tim Plewe
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