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COO Discovers Managed IT Services Are an Affordable Alternative to In-House IT

L&L Candle Co.'s IT Support Experience with Accent Computer Solutions

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If you've ever seen a lifelike flameless candle, it was likely a product from L&L Candle Co.

L&L Candle Co. manufactures patented flameless candles and distributes them in many countries around the world.

Sherwood Tung is the COO and General Counsel at L&L Candle Co. In his role, he’s involved with many different aspects of business operations, from HR and accounting, maintenance of intellectual property rights, to regulatory compliance. He also oversees the Information Technology needs of the company.


Set Out for an IT Manager

Sherwood is responsible for the Brea location, where day-to-day IT tasks had traditionally been handled by one person – who in addition to managing IT was also the office manager.

When he found out that this IT manager was moving on, Sherwood set out to find a replacement. He started his search by getting in touch with a recruiter but then his journey went in a different direction.

“I was thinking about hiring a replacement and one of the recruiters actually said, ‘I don’t want to hurt my own business, but it sounds like you don’t need IT full time. What you need is a managed service provider,’” explained Sherwood.


Managed IT Seemed Out of Reach

Sherwood was quite familiar with managed IT service providers from his previous experience. However, he never considered it as a solution for L&L Candle due to the more agile size of the organization and consideration over affordability.

The recruiter not only encouraged Sherwood to look at managed IT services as an option, he also pointed him towards Accent Computer Solutions.

The referral was so strong, and the conversations so good with Accent, that Sherwood decided to sign on for all-inclusive managed IT services. He, of course, couldn’t move forward unless he thought the monthly fee could fit into the company’s budget. It did.

“One of the things I did not realize was that you don’t have to be a billion-dollar corporation to afford their services.” said Sherwood. “I’m definitely surprised by the affordability.”


Better Flow from Fast Support and IT Expertise

In just a few months after onboarding with Accent managed IT, Sherwood’s decision to sign on has been validated. What first stood out to him was the fast response they get when they need support and the access that they have to IT expertise.

While the previous IT manager was very competent, he was only one person. Sherwood fully understood that one person can’t know everything there is to know about IT and will have capacity limits. “With a larger provider, I feel that problem has been completely eliminated,” said Sherwood. “The organization no longer needs to wait, and I feel like this has improved efficiency because things just flow better.”


Cyber Security Awareness Initiative Now Possible

With the transition to managed IT services, Sherwood has not only recognized that employees can work more efficiently, he’s been able to move forward with a cyber security training initiative that he’d been wanting to do for some time.

“Our organization treats cyber security seriously,” explained Sherwood. “With Accent, we've conducted mock exercises and training to add on the current competency of the staff, with the goal to hopefully keep ahead of the fast changing cyber security landscape.”


Accent Managed IT: A Worthy Service

Sherwood says that what Accent provides is a worthy service. Technology has become an aid to employees instead of a hindrance. The company’s security posture is enhanced, and he has resources to call on when he wants to improve operations whether it’s to optimize remote workers or streamline new employee onboarding.

When it comes to the challenges that are on Sherwood’s plate every day, he has one less thing vying for his time and attention because Accent has taken IT off his plate.

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    Instead of technology being a hindrance, it’s actually now an aid.

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    Sherwood Tung, COO
    L&L Candle Co.

About L&L Candle Co.

The creator of Luminara, LightLi, and Matchless flameless candle brands, L&L Candle Co. is the category leader of LED lighting technologies with 800 related patents worldwide. The company's programs are supported through a fully integrated business enterprise focusing on product development, manufacturing, and global distribution services.

Learn more about L&L Candle Co.: https://llcandle.com/

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