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Career Opportunity:
Project Coordinator

  • Full-time: $25 - $30/hourly
  • Benefits: 401K, Dental, Medical, Vision, Life Insurance
  • Generous reimbursement for training and applicable education
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What You'll Do

As a Project Coordinator, you’re the person who has their finger on the pulse of everything that’s happening with client technology projects – from workstation setups to cloud migrations.

When a new project comes in, you’ll get activities rolling internally, including the scheduling of engineers and technicians who will put the project plan together. As the project proceeds, you’ll keep track of progress and send up a flag if you see that something’s getting stuck.

When there’s a new client, you’ll bring internal teams together and make sure everyone’s on track during onboarding.

Who You'll Work With

Clients will meet you when their project begins. You’ll coordinate a kickoff call with the client and Project Engineer to go over the plan, making sure that their expectations match up with what’s documented. You’ll keep clients updated about progress and respond to questions so that clients never feel like they’re out of the loop.

You’ll get to know Project Engineers and Project Technicians very well as you learn about their areas of expertise and what kinds of projects are the best fit for each of them. They’ll count on you to keep the big picture in mind as they focus on the details.

You’ll work closely with the Professional Services Manager who will be your supervisor and main resource for determining which engineers are best for each project. The Manager and Engineers will depend on you to provide updates and metrics to gauge how projects are proceeding.

When there’s a big project with lots of complexity, you’ll work with Technology Architects who design networks with all their intricacies.

From time to time, you’ll coordinate vendors at client locations.

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What Your Learning Curve Looks Like

The first thing you’ll do is learn our systems and get a good understanding of how we deliver IT services to clients.

Some technical training will follow to help you understand the different types of projects we routinely handle and their normal flow. Part of this will include the ticketing and dispatch processes that are used to segment projects into different phases and follow them through to completion.

You probably guessed that a big part of your education will be getting to know the Project Engineers and their specialties. This will come with time and consultation with the Manager who will also be guiding your entire training process and providing support until you’re ready to fly on your own.


What Success Looks Like

You’ll know that you’re doing a great job as a Project Coordinator when you feel like you have an awareness of everything that’s going on in the Project department. When you go to your project dashboard, you’re confident that everything has a next step, and if it looks like a ball is getting dropped, you’ll be the first to notice it.

You’re regarded as the hub of communication for projects. You reach out to clients before they have a chance to wonder how their project is going. Your coworkers appreciate how your proactive communication and attention to detail keeps them up to date with project status and next steps.

Who’s Perfect For This Role?

This role is for you if…

You’ll be a great Project Coordinator if you like to think things through sequentially. The challenge of juggling schedules, priorities, and resources doesn’t intimidate you at all because you’re super organized and have great time management skills.

In a previous job, you may have been a project manager or worked in a position where you had to coordinate resources or handle logistics. You’re not necessarily technical but you enjoy working with technology.

You’re good at relationship building and adjust your communication style to help you understand and be understood. You’d rather pick up the phone and call right now than let someone wait and wonder what’s going on.

This role is NOT for you if…

If you’re easily frustrated when things don’t follow your timetable, this position probably isn’t for you.

If the thought of a constant stream of communication via phone, email, and meetings makes you cringe, you're not going to enjoy this role.

Where You Can Go From Here

Professional development is encouraged and supported here so you’ll have lots of opportunities to pursue training and certifications.

If this is your first step into the world of IT and you find that you really like it and have technical aptitude, you can go after the training and certifications that are needed to move into a technical role.

Are You Qualified?

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • 2-3 years of Project Management/Coordination experience (IT-related a plus)
  • Customer Service experience (IT-related a plus)
  • Ability to communicate professionally with clients and internal teams
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work successfully with an integrated support team
Jason_D-1 It’s the camaraderie. It’s the accessibility. It’s looking out for each other. It’s the concern for your personal life... All of that makes this a business where I can thrive.
Jason D., Sr. Systems Technician
with Accent since 2010

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