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Career Opportunity:
Client Success Manager

  • Full-time: $25 - $30 hourly
  • Benefits: 401K, Dental, Medical, Vision, Life Insurance
  • Generous reimbursement for training and applicable education
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What You'll Do

As a Client Success Manager, you’ll be the conduit of communication between clients and their support team, reaching out proactively and responding when they have a need or question. You may not immediately have the answer or know the right response, but you’re the one who will get it or direct them to the right person.

Being a client advocate is a daily task – which requires taking action, removing roadblocks, and an overall relentlessness on improving your customer’s experience.

Who You'll Work With


You’ll communicate regularly with executives and IT managers who are the main point of contact at client companies. These communications include proactive quality of service calls, huddles, onsite strategic meetings, and lots of email communication.

Because you’ll have visibility into everything that’s going on with the client – from the status of help desk requests to upcoming technology improvements – you’ll be the one to prepare and send a monthly dashboard that summarizes all activity, monthly reporting, security training resources, and much more!

You’ll be the first person that new employees at client companies talk to as you welcome them and instruct them on how to contact support. From time to time, you’ll get calls from individuals with questions or training requests. You'll continue to learn and grow in your ability to answer their questions and point them to the right resources. It's never a dull day for CSMs. 

Accent Team

Working closely with a Technology Advisor (TA), you’ll be managing client relationships starting with the onboarding process. The TA will take the lead on technical conversations and future planning with the client. Your partnership and knowledge about everything that’s going on with the client, as well as your perspective on the bigger picture, will make your input extremely valuable.

You’ll regularly interact with Support and Project teams. When they get a message from you, they’ll know you need a quick response and partner with you to work through the solution for the client. If there’s a tech-speak discussion that’s needed, they’ll take care of it but along the way, you’re going to learn a lot about IT that you probably never knew before.



You’ll manage the portal for client cyber security awareness training, and coordinate vendor services as needed.

What Your Learning Curve Looks Like

The first thing you’ll do will be to learn our systems and get a good understanding of how we deliver IT services to clients. If you don’t have a background in IT, you’ll learn the terminology and how everything works together.

The most important part of your training will be getting to know clients and developing relationships with them. You won't be at it alone! You’ll shadow the Client Success Manager supervisor and learn the ropes of client success; observing, then participating, then leading activities and meetings as you gain knowledge and confidence.

The relationships you develop internally will be vital to ramping up in your role as a CSM. You’ll get extensive support from the Accent team as you learn our offerings and best practices of client management.


What Success Looks Like

You’ll know that you’re doing well in this role when you’ve established a cadence of communication with clients and feel like you have a high-level understanding of everything that’s happening in their IT world. Clients and coworkers consider you their go-to person when they have questions or need a message conveyed to others. You’re quick and thorough with documenting your activities, and you move fluidly from one task or conversation to the next.

Who’s Perfect For This Role?

This role is for you if…

This role is perfect for you if you like to get to the end of your day and wonder how the time went by so fast. You’re a great communicator and a master at time management. You’re pretty good at reading people and interpreting what they’re really saying, which makes you capable of interacting with lots of different personality types.

Flexibility is your middle name, and you don’t have the time or inclination to take things personally. Resilience and curiosity are key for this role.

This role is NOT for you if…

You would hate this job if you don’t like lots of meetings, phone calls and emails.

This isn’t the job for you if you want to sit in a cubicle and have no one bother you all day.

Where You Can Go From Here

As a Client Success Manager at Accent, there’s always going to be something new to learn, so you can expect to have opportunities for professional development on an ongoing basis.

It’s certainly possible that you could be inspired to pursue technical education and move into a Technology Advisor role. Project Coordination or Sales roles could also be natural next steps.


Shantae', Business Development Executive
with Accent since 2018

Read how Shantae' went from CSM to TA (and now Business Development) »

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Are You Qualified?

Education, Technical, and Soft Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher strongly preferred
  • Account management & business process experience required
  • 5+ years of customer service experience preferred
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment
  • High comfort level with face-to-face interaction with senior leadership positions
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong ability to manage time effectively in a dynamic environment
  • Good analytic and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work successfully with an integrated support team
Jason_D-1 It’s the camaraderie. It’s the accessibility. It’s looking out for each other. It’s the concern for your personal life... All of that makes this a business where I can thrive.
Jason D., Sr. Systems Technician
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