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Accent Computers was awarded Top Work Places 2020It's Not About the Computers — It's About the People

At Accent, client success comes from the teamwork of a whole group of dynamic professionals with different skills.

Our mission is to make our clients’ technology experience fast, friendly, and frustration-free.

Making that happen is directly tied to the personal and professional success of our remarkable employees who work collaboratively to bring the highest level of IT expertise to our clients.

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Both Technical and Non-Technical Roles

The IT business is full of technical and non-technical roles.

Our business has a combination of people who have different levels of IT skills, as well as people who are skilled in business operations, relationship management, and communications.

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What It's Like to Work at Accent


Our people are encouraged to further their careers by developing their professional skills and expanding their knowledge.


Philip, Professional Services Engineer

“One of my favorite things about Accent is that they're constantly promoting employee training and encouraging continued education. It’s almost like they’re paying you to make yourself better, and now I have a skill set that nobody can take away.”

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We take pride in our work. We understand and appreciate the impact that we have on client success.


Erica, Client Success Manager

"If our clients’ network and systems aren’t running, they’re not making money. So it gives us a sense of pride to know that we’re really helping companies be able to deliver to their customers."

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Our work environment is supportive, collaborative, and family-friendly. Employee input is welcomed and valued.

Abel 2

Abel, Director of Operations

“Accent has opened the door for me to try new things. They’ve given me the tools I’ve needed, as well as a great team, and I’m truly thankful for the career paths they’ve opened for me.”

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We’re stimulated by challenge. We’re problem solvers who are always learning and aren’t afraid of the unknown.

Bradley_ S

Bradley, Systems Technician

“My favorite part of my job is putting my head down and digging into a complex technical issue. It’s so rewarding to study a problem, learn it, digest it, figure out a solution, and execute it so the problem is fixed.”

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This is a place where employees are recognized for a job well done, and their individual contributions matter.


Shane, Systems Technician

“Management often sends out messages or tells you that you did a really good job. Sometimes they’ll mention things in our all-hands meetings each month. It’s nice to see those messages so you know you’re doing a good job and making a difference.”

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We come together and have each other's back. We share our knowledge to help everyone succeed.


Corey S., Systems Administrator

“I felt right off the bat that Accent had my back. You can ask a question and someone is always available to help you out. It's a great base of support.”

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“Management is always open to hearing how people feel. If there's anything that we think could improve, they want to hear about it.”

Sarah Crofutt
Resource Coordination Specialist

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