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Problems We Solve

Got problems? We'll take care of them.

Let's just get to the point:

Businesses headquartered in Southern California turn to us to get their I.T. under control.

Watch this short video to learn more about why Southern California companies call us


We Solve Problems Like...

  • "I'm frustrated with slow response from my IT provider"
  • "I think we've outgrown our current IT"
  • "I'm not sure my IT spending is in line with what I'm getting"
  • "My technology plan / IT roadmap needs some work"
  • "My IT guy is leaving (…or has already left)"
  • "My IT guy needs some extra hands"
  • "Every time I turn around, I'm writing another big check for IT"
  • "I have some concerns about my IT provider"

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What Does Working With Us Look Like?

Before Accent: 

Southern California businesses turn to us when they feel like they’re spending a LOT of money on IT, but nagging issues persist and they aren’t seeing any progress. Employees are having problems and it's taking too long to fix them. Despite everyone’s best efforts, the current IT arrangement just isn’t working.

With Accent:

Just weeks after engaging with us, our clients tell us that they FINALLY feel like IT is under control, everything technology-related is handled without complexity or excuses, and they can see the vision of where technology is going in their business. IT isn’t a roadblock anymore.

What We Do:

We help companies get the best possible results from information technology. We take responsibility for all things IT-related and become a company's IT department, or supplement an existing internal IT team.

When businesses rely on us to manage their IT, they experience controlled costs, reduced internal and external risks, tighter data security, fewer problems, and higher employee productivity.

Bottom Line: Our IT Results Process takes the stress out of IT and helps companies hit their goals without technology getting in the way.

“Accent helps me do what I do better and helps my customers because it provides peace of mind, so I don't have to pay much attention to IT.”

Benjamin Satterlee, President
Harbor Division

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