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Work Doesn’t Feel Like Work – A Spotlight on Shane Moritz

Written by Courtney Casey

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Work Doesn’t Feel Like Work – A Spotlight on Shane Moritz Accent Header Lines

When Shane Moritz started his new job as a level one systems technician at Accent Computer Solutions two years ago, he immediately knew that he was joining something special.

Every day as he reports to work, he feels like he’s helping out family members and friends with their IT issues, which doesn’t feel like work to him at all.

“In this role, only 50% of it is troubleshooting and skill, while the other 50% is customer service,” Shane explained. “I enjoy helping out where I can and interacting with the clients, which is really what IT is like to me.”

Shane is responsible for addressing escalated tickets from the help desk if those initial calls take longer than 15 minutes or otherwise get stuck on an issue. He listens carefully to the clients’ needs, connects with them, and reassures them that there’s a real person on the other end of the phone to help them.

“Shane is very oriented to customer service,” said his supervisor Abel Vega, Team Service Manager. “He wants to do his best to get the job done.”

Discovered Passion to Help People Use Technology

Shane came to Accent from a job outside the world of IT. As a warehouse manager at a company that manufactured hoses for hydraulic fluid, he was usually the first person asked to help whenever the company encountered IT problems.

After five years of assisting the IT department in addition to his designated role, Shane realized that helping people use technology was the work that he preferred to do.

Getting to Know Coworkers and Clients

When Shane found Accent, he was especially drawn to the family environment that this company is famous for. When all employees are supported and encouraged as valuable members of the company, they can inspire each other to do better.

Shane loves that he’s been able to develop relationships with clients and coworkers to the point where he knows them as people, and not just as contacts in a phone or computer.

“At Accent, everybody is close and always willing to help out,” Shane said. “When the management of the company treats you like a member of the family, it makes you work harder and try your best.”

Working on a Team

With such rich interpersonal connections at Accent, it’s been easy for Shane to feel like he’s part of the team. His coworkers challenge and inspire him, which encourages him to give his best for their clients.

Even though employees at Accent fulfill different responsibilities, Shane knows they are all parts of the same whole, striving for the same goals.

“We’re all working to keep the ship running,” Shane said. “I don’t think there are any challenges you can’t overcome if you have someone to help you.”

Team members provide each other with tips and pointers, and they listen to ideas and appreciate feedback. When every person feels like they belong to the Accent team, they’re better able to do their most important job: making sure clients have a fast, friendly, frustration-free IT experience.

Building a Career

In his time at Accent, Shane has seen how the company has invested in its employees through promotions and professional development. After a year working in an entry-level job at the help desk, Shane was eligible to move up to his current position taking escalated tickets from the help desk.

As he moves through his career at Accent, he knows he has the opportunity to advance to new roles.

Accent also not only requires its employees to obtain certifications in their areas of expertise, but it helps them through the process. The hands-on experience that Shane has accumulated in his work at Accent has made it easier to tackle the certification tests.

“Working here has made it easier to study for the certifications,” Shane explained. “Some things [that are covered in coursework] I’ve already seen through what I’ve done at work, so it’s nice to have that knowledge already.”

Shane’s efforts to improve himself have been noticed by his supervisor Abel too.

“Shane asks a lot of questions and studies a lot,” Abel said. “He put his mind to it, worked his way up, and he’s on my elite team now.”

Connecting Through Technology

For some, the phrase “information technology” conjures up images of quiet people stuck behind computer screens all day, furiously typing and clicking. For Shane, however, the world of IT has brought him interpersonal connections with clients and Accent team members that he never dreamed could be possible.

“It makes me excited when a ticket comes in and I recognize the client,” Shane says. “I get to chat and build relationships with them while figuring out their IT issues at the same time.”

Shane is happy to have found a role at Accent that allows him to fulfill his dual passions for IT and connecting with people. When every day is like helping out family and friends, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

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