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What Does the Professional IT Services Team at Accent Do?

Written by Courtney Casey

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What Does the Professional IT Services Team at Accent Do? Accent Header Lines

When you work with a Managed IT Services provider, the bulk of their work for you will be to proactively manage your network and endpoints so that everything is secure and running smoothly. There will be occasions when you need to make improvements, major changes, or adopt new technology, and that’s where Professional IT Services comes in.

Sometimes called the “Project Team,” this department handles everything from setting up new desktops to migrating servers to the cloud. They follow IT best practices for much of what they do, but because every business and network is different, they rely heavily on creativity and critical thinking to plan and implement technology solutions that meet client objectives.

"The Professional Services team works with all the new stuff. They're constantly learning new technology and implementing it into different business environments." -- Derek, Chief Operating Officer

Roles in the Professional IT Services Team

At Accent Computer Solutions, Professional IT Services are delivered by a team of people who work together to deliver not only a successfully completed project but a great experience along the way.

If you’ve ever had to go through a bumpy IT improvement project in the past, you’ll know that bringing on new technology can be a disruption. Our team is committed to giving clients the best possible experience through a meticulous planning and implementation process.

Technology Architect

The Technology Architects are responsible for designing all upgrades and major technology implementations for clients. Their work begins in the proposal stage to evaluate what the client wants to do and provide them with a solution to accomplish their objectives.

Part of the Architect’s job is to clearly communicate the scope of work and how much time it will take to complete. Sometimes the Architect plays a part in implementing the new technology along with the Engineers.

Technology Advisor

While this role isn't technically on the Professional Services team, they work hand-in-hand with each other.

IT consulting is provided on an ongoing basis through the Technology Advisor (TA). The TA is familiar with the client’s network and their business. Sometimes they bring ideas for improvements to clients, and other times they take ideas from the client and figure out if the technology will bring the benefit that’s desired.

The TA and Technology Architect work together as a team to draft and present IT project proposals to clients.

Project Manager

This is the person who has their eye on all the projects that are in progress and coming down the pipe.

The Project Manager and the Professional Services Manager work together to assign technicians and engineers to projects that match their expertise. They communicate with the client and internally with the team about project status to ensure that projects are moving forward as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Professional Services Manager

The Professional Services Manager oversees all activities in the department, working with individual employees to build their skillsets and establish repeatable processes that help everyone work together efficiently.

Working closely with the Project Manager, the Professional Services Manager identifies the best-fit engineer for each project and acts as a point of escalation for any hiccups or obstacles that may occur.

Professional Services Engineer

These are the people who execute and deliver many IT projects. They help create the project plan and identify all of the technical steps that are needed at each stage of the project.

While all of the Engineers are highly trained and skilled, many are specialists in certain disciplines, such as network infrastructure or cloud migrations. Because they have intimate knowledge of client IT environments, they may be called on for troubleshooting or guidance when the support team needs insight into how to best manage the new technology.

"Professional Services Engineers are always learning and are given the hardest situations because, much of the time, they're the first ones to work with certain technologies. They're really good problem solvers and critical thinkers." -- Derek, Chief Operating Officer

Professional Services Technician

Technicians configure new desktops, laptops, and equipment, making them ready for installation by Field Technicians.

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Common Types of Projects for the Professional IT Services Team

The Professional Services team really shines when they're helping companies adopt brand new technology.

Here are some of the most requested projects:

  • Network infrastructure upgrades
  • Cloud migrations and support
  • Email migrations
  • Phone systems
  • Office relocation and setup
  • Structured voice and data cabling
  • Application migrations
  • Wireless systems and connectivity services
  • Compliance and security network assessments

The Professional Services Team is also responsible for onboarding new clients.

They’ll do an initial assessment so our team can get acquainted with the client's network as quickly as possible. They'll also provide recommendations for improvements that will help the client use technology to achieve their business goals and manage cyber risks. These recommendations are incorporated into the client’s long and short-term technology plans.

Leverage New Technology with Accent's Professional IT Services

If you’ve been disappointed with your IT investments in the past, it could be that the team who planned and implemented the improvements didn’t have the expertise needed to bring a successful project from planning through to completion.

Nobody's perfect, but with the right planning and execution, IT projects don't have to be a headache-inducing experience. Accent clients have access to the combined skills and knowledge of a Professional Services team that has a long track record of successful projects.

Contact us for an IT Assessment and explore what a better all-around IT experience could look like for your organization.

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