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Getting an IT Support Quote: What Does An IT Outsourcing Quote Involve?

Written by Accent Computer Solutions

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Getting an IT Support Quote: What Does An IT Outsourcing Quote Involve? Accent Header Lines

Southern California business executives call our office daily asking for a quote for IT support services. It generally sounds something like, “We’re considering changing IT providers and I’d like to get a quote for your IT services.”

When we ask a few more questions, the business leaders are usually frustrated due to one of three things:

  • They think they’re paying too much for IT
  • Their IT guy or outsourced vendor takes too long to resolve problems
  • Or they have trouble getting ahold of their current vendor

As you know, Information Technology (IT) affects all areas of business performance, so choosing an IT support services vendor for your company should not be taken lightly.

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What A Typical IT Support Quote Process Looks Like

There are many different ways that IT support providers quote their services.

For IT companies that offer services beyond “Call me when it breaks and I’ll troubleshoot at an hourly rate” (known as break/fix in the IT industry), you’ll typically start the quote process by calling their office or fill out a form on their website. 

After you speak and it’s determined that this IT company might be the right fit to help you out, you’ll usually schedule a time to sit down together. This is typically done at your office, but you can certainly ask to do it at theirs if you want to see them in action.

The meeting will usually take about an hour or so and the purpose is to do some high-level information gathering.

The IT provider will usually ask questions like:

  • What are your company’s goals? What role does IT play a role in helping achieve them?
  • What are your expectations from IT?
  • What are your current frustrations?
  • How does IT impact your operations?
  • How many employees interact with technology? Are they all full users or do some just interact with email?
  • How do your employees utilize technology?
  • What types of critical applications do you use to run your business?

Once the IT vendor understands your business objectives, they can strategize about which IT services would be best suited to your situation, and can provide a quote.

Every business is different, so it’s important for the IT company to have a really good understanding of how your business operates and what type of IT results could be possible BEFORE giving a quote for how they would make your IT headaches go away.

Devising an IT support plan that aligns with the company’s goals is nearly impossible without sitting down to learn about those goals!

Things To Consider For Your IT Support Quote

There are several factors that go into providing an accurate IT support quote.

  • What type of IT support services are you looking for?
  • Do you want to outsource all areas of IT or do you have an internal IT person who will stay on staff?
  • Are you looking for a company to call only when you have a problem, or do you want a proactive company to reduce the number of problems you have?
  • What kind of results do you want from IT? Do you want IT to “just work”? Do you want it to help you achieve your business objectives?
  • What service level do you expect? Do you want to dial the phone and talk to an IT technician in a matter of minutes, or would waiting a few days for support be okay?

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Some IT Companies Want To Do An IT Audit – Do I Really Need One To Get A Quote?

Here’s one of the main issues with a technical IT audit: every IT company has different technology standards, so it makes perfect sense that an IT audit performed by a different company would find technical problems with the way your current vendor is handling things.

It depends on the specific situation, but a technical IT audit is usually not necessary to reveal the gaps in the IT management process.

Spending an hour or two with an IT consultant who asks the right questions will reveal the higher-level issues going on with the IT function in your company. No “geek-speak” required.

If you’re tired of being frustrated by IT, give us a call or schedule a free IT support consultation. We’ll chat for a few minutes over the phone, set up a time to get together, and see if we’re the right fit to help you experience better results from IT!

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