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Daily Challenges Keeps Things Fresh - A Spotlight on Chris Frye

Written by Courtney Casey

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Daily Challenges Keeps Things Fresh - A Spotlight on Chris Frye Accent Header Lines

A good day at work for Chris Frye is when he’s found a way through a challenge. That’s a good thing, because as Professional Services Manager for Accent, every day has its challenges. Whether he finds the solution on his own or by collaborating with his team, it’s the challenges that keep things fresh and exciting for Chris.

“Chris is persistent and won’t give up,” said Derek Woolf, Chris’ supervisor and Accent’s Chief Operating Officer. “He’ll figure out a way to get whatever information he needs to resolve an issue.”

Not only is Chris good at finding solutions, he goes about his work in a way that’s helpful, friendly, and responsive to others, making him a great leader and motivator for the rest of his team.

A Path for Growth and Improvement

Chris_FSince Chris first said yes to working at Accent, management has actively sought his feedback and helped him steer his career in the direction he wanted it to go. His first role with the company was answering phones at the help desk but throughout the past six years, he’s expanded his skills and has held positions in network administration, professional services and technology architecture.  

Chris currently leads the professional services team. His job is to make sure Accent is effectively designing and implementing solutions that meet client goals. 

“Accent has grown immensely over the past six years,” Chris said. “There is opportunity and room for advancement for anyone wanting to take it.”

The Potential of a Good Challenge

Chris’ love of a good challenge is a personality trait that has served him well in his roles at Accent. Through problem solving and learning new things, he and his team members can continually improve and evolve into better workers and individuals.

When he’s able to work in a logical way through a problem and complete the goals he had for a particular day, Chris gets satisfaction and feels like he’s making a difference.

“It’s nice when you can take your accomplishments home, not the work,” he said.

By overcoming challenges, the employees at Accent can grow, opening the door to more opportunities, promotion, and advancement.

Accomplishing More as a Team

For many people who work in the IT industry, it can be easy to feel invisible and isolated. That’s not the case at Accent.

“At most in-house companies, you get a feeling that it’s the IT department against everybody else,” Chris explained. “But at Accent, we work and win as one big team, and that helps us better serve the clients and each other.”

Management is actively involved, soliciting regular feedback and investing in training and certifications for employees. Everyone has an equal voice and shares the same core values. Whether it’s taking a spin at the prize wheel or being nominated to hold the light saber at the monthly all-hands meetings, the team comes together to encourage each other and celebrates successes.

“Chris is a great team player and is always willing to help,” Woolf said. “He’s good at motivating others to do the right thing, so they naturally want to follow him.”

Finding the Best Way Forward

Every day brings different challenges when you work in the IT industry but Chris has learned that finding the best way forward is often a matter of taking one step at a time, and having a great team of co-workers to collaborate with.

“At Accent, there’s always somebody to talk to, lean on, offer guidance to, or seek guidance from,” Chris said. “We’re all working together and looking for the best way forward.”

With such a positive can-do attitude, Chris and his team members are ready to tackle any challenges that clients throw their way.

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