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Connecting People and IT – A Spotlight on Sarah S

Written by Courtney Casey

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Connecting People and IT – A Spotlight on Sarah S | Accent Computer Solutions Accent Header Lines

Ask the average person what comes to mind when they envision the IT industry, and they may picture a lineup of engineers clacking away on computer keyboards as they concentrate on screens. While the technical work is an integral part of the services that Accent/VC3 provides, Sarah fills an equally important role in connecting the technical with the human elements of IT.

As a client success manager, Sarah’s workday begins by checking in with her team, which includes her Technology Advisor and Team Service Manager. If anything is flagged for her, she follows up, checks emails, and addresses urgent issues.

Her tasks require constant communication with team members and client contacts to ensure client concerns are being addressed. Sometimes that means she’s making sure that current projects and service items are moving forward in a client-focused manner. At other times it’s simply providing extra support and outreach when it’s needed.

Each client receives personalized attention, down to the hand-picked articles that Sarah might send to follow up on a discussion.

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No Background in IT Was No Problem

With such an important role, it’s hard to believe that Sarah had never worked in the IT industry prior to joining Accent/VC3.

“I did not come from an IT background, so there was a lot of Googling involved at first,” she said with a laugh. “But I was able to figure things out by paying attention to conversations, listening, making notes, and connecting the dots.”

Sarah sees herself as an advocate for clients. They know that they can always bring their questions to her. Although she might not always have the answer herself, she can point them in the right direction.

There’s Always Someone Willing to Help

Sarah attributes much of the success she’s experienced since joining the organization in 2021 to the team she works with. The role has been a challenge, but her coworkers support her, and she’s never been left to fend for herself.

If an issue gets too technical, she knows she can turn to her Technology Advisor and Team Service Manager to explain it. Then she learns something new in the process and grows in her ability to navigate her job.

“What convinced me to join the team at Accent was their warmness and how welcoming everybody was,” Sarah explained. “There is a strong feeling of family, and you never feel like you couldn't go to somebody and ask for help.”

Meticulous Organization Keeps Track of Multiple Moving Pieces

social post sarahAnother contributing factor to Sarah’s success at Accent is her personal drive to get things done and learn everything she can. Her days are filled with meetings, or “huddles,” which are weekly or biweekly check-ins with her various clients.

Sarah uses the huddles to gather information and identify next steps for a client, whether it be opening a new project or onboarding new employees. Every client has something different going on, so it takes meticulous organization and communication skills to keep track of multiple moving pieces.

“In any industry, managing a learning curve can be tricky, but that was not something Sarah would allow to get in her way,” said Sarah’s supervisor Erica, Accent/VC3’s Client Success Manager Team Lead. “She came in full steam ahead and used all avenues to her advantage to become a trusted team member very early on.”

Environment of Support and Appreciation

While Sarah brings her energy and customer relationship skills to her work, she knows her efforts are recognized and appreciated by both Accent team members and clients.

“I definitely feel appreciated. I hear it a lot,” said Sarah. “I can sense it and feel like a critical piece of the puzzle.”

Even though Sarah didn’t at first think that an IT company would be a great fit for her, she’s found that she not only fits in but she can thrive. There’s always room for her to grow at Accent/VC3 because there’s a foundation of people that care, encourage her to succeed, and look for the best in her every day.


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