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A Steady, Reliable and Witty Presence – A Spotlight on Ned

Written by Courtney Casey

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A Steady, Reliable and Witty Presence – A Spotlight on Ned Accent Header Lines

When a panicked call comes in at 4:30 in the morning detailing an unfolding IT crisis, the average person might roll over and reluctantly drag themselves out of bed, but it’s just the type of challenge that Accent’s Enterprise Technology Architect, Ned, lives for.

Early wake-up calls and late nights are exciting to Ned, and he’ll do anything to keep technology hiccups from ruining someone’s day.

“Ned won’t sleep until a job is done,” said his supervisor, Chris, Accent’s Professional Services Manager. “If a client has a problem, he’ll be the first and last person on it. You know he’s going to be right in the middle of it, working toward a solution.

Ned has been a steady, reliable presence throughout his 14-year tenure at Accent. He thrives on everyday opportunities to face new challenges and to keep learning as technology evolves. To his team, he’s a go-to guy with a can-do attitude – sprinkled with a good dose of humor.

IT Isn’t a Job, It’s a Calling

Ned describes IT as his life’s calling, and he has been working in the field since 1997.

“This is the only career that I know,” Ned explained. “I like challenges, and since there are always new challenges in IT, something just clicked.”

When he first arrived at Accent, Ned worked in a client facing role as a Client IT Manager, similar to a Technology Advisor. Today, Ned’s still advising clients but now his work as an Enterprise Technology Architect involves project design and deployment of new technology solutions. Ned thrives in complexity, which is why he works with many of Accent’s larger enterprise clients. It’s work that’s very hands on and he jumps at the chance to tackle a tough challenge.

“It’s really exciting for me when I can figure out a solution to a difficult client problem,” Ned said. “I like making everyone happy, and then I sleep better too.”

Continuous Learning Expands His Knowledge Base

In an industry that’s constantly changing, Ned has appreciated the opportunities he’s had at Accent for continuing education and training.

“Accent really took care of whatever needs I’ve had for training over the years,” said Ned. “Sometimes I’ve asked them for certain training because of newer technology that I wanted to learn.”

Other times, Ned has pursued certifications or taken courses at management’s request to build up an area of expertise for the company. Either way, it means that Ned gets to keep learning and continuously expand his knowledge base so that he can tailor customized solutions for every client’s unique situation.

Respected Source of Insight and Ideas

Through his years at Accent, Ned has become a respected source of insight and ideas. Whenever Ned’s team needs input about the use of certain technologies or providing a solution to a client with a complex network, he’s the person they call.

Ned provides not only help and advice for technical design and tough issues, he embraces the role as a guide and mentor with his characteristic sense of humor.

“Every person on the team knows that Ned is always available to ask questions or bounce ideas off him,” his supervisor Chris said. “And he’s hilarious! He’s a part of our team, but I think the clients he works with love him and feel like he’s a part of their team as well.”

Steady, Reliable and Witty

Although Ned works mostly with hardware and software, the thing that has kept him at Accent for well over a decade is the people. He appreciates the management style and how employees are treated. He knows that when they ask how things are going, they really want to know, and will make changes based on employee input.

Whether he’s waking up before the crack of dawn or staying up past midnight, Ned strives to tackle each challenge that a new day brings to Accent. Clients and team members alike look to him as a source of tech knowledge, advice, and solutions, and he may crack them up with his jokes in the process.

While technology may be racing ahead all around him, Ned continues to be a steady, reliable, and witty presence that Accent can count on.

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