Security Resources, Articles, and Tips from the Government

Looking for a website or online resource for Security Tips and Best Practices? Check out the Federal Trade Commission‘s (FTC) OnGuardOnline program, which the FTC began in partnership with cybersecurity experts, online marketers, consumer advocates, and federal officials in 2005. While there, check out the articles and free resources such as videos, games, and downloadable files to help you guard against Internet fraud, hacking, and other security threats.The site also offers the following seven vital security practices:

1. Protect your personal information. It’s valuable.
2. Know who you’re dealing with.
3. Use security software that updates automatically.
4. Keep your operating system and Web browser up-to-date and learn about their security features.
5. Keep your passwords safe, secure, and strong.
6. Back up important files.
7. Learn what to do in an “e–mergency.”

If you suspect Internet fraud, you can register a complaint using this form. The FTC enters Internet, telemarketing, identity theft, and other fraud-related complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure, online database used by law enforcement officials in the U.S. and overseas. Check out the site or contact your IT Consultant to help you implement the recommendations from the site.

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Use Technology to Market your Business

Never before have startup entrepreneurs and small business owners had access to so much marketing advice and tools as we have today on the Web. There are hundreds of free or near free tools out there that you can use: from sites that help you create your own logos, print your own business cards, set up your own website, even make your own marketing swag. There are literally hundreds of even more sites that in turn give advice on how to use these tools to market your business more effectively such as Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Fast Company. Its easy to use your PC and Internet to help you grow your business—so get started today!

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